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  1. I've dropped numerous pints since then up and down the country. I felt it was rude to simply confine it to the fine people of Glasgow. Currently I'm touring Helensburgh.
  2. Since my last visit however many years ago: Passed out of HMS Raleigh. Qualified on HM Submarines. Walked the length of Hadrians Wall. Finally went to Rome. Bought a motorbike. Didn't die when crashing said motorbike. Played rugby for RN Command Scotland. Got married. Got selected for promotion to Leading Hand.
  3. I don't know whether I love or loathe this game, I know the missus certainly hates it though. I never played Shogun II after the disaster that was post-launch Empire Total War so was a little sceptical that one of my favourite games of all time, RTW I, was getting the makeover treatment. RTW II will never be as good as the original because it has been modified to Hell and a lot of folk, including myself, view things with rose tinted glasses. Furthermore, I couldn't tell you the last time I played Vanilla RTW as I had downloaded the likes of Roma Surrectum etc. All in all, however, it's a decent enough game if you download some of the mods from the Steam Workshop. I played a campaign with the Romans, but they then launched Ver 1.5 so had to start again. Started a decent campaign with the Icenii before they launched 1.7. At the moment, now, I'm playing as Carthage and thoroughly enjoying it. I particularly like the fact that Navy/Army battles can take place on the same map, there's something satisfying about waiting for enemy ships to beach while you've got the landing area completely and utterly covered.
  4. Work shy c***s who would rather kiss arse and watch other folk do it rather get on with it themselves.
  5. Does it seem likely what with the submarine in my avatar and what not?
  6. Out on patrol at Christmas... I'm getting drunk which is good.
  7. Shite TV. Mind you, pay day the morrow so I'll be lying in a gutter somewhere tommorow.
  8. John McVeigh is a tit Really meant to say m1nge
  9. I'm off back to Raleigh tommorow. On the plus side I get to see the lads again.
  10. People falling asleep during waking hours and then the entire messdeck getting a kit muster. Passed it though with only one person getting a re-scrub.
  11. Movie version, still can't get over that ending. It might be because I'll be serving in Submarines, but that film really touched me and at points I felt myself willing them on, especially through the Straits of Gibraltar (sp?). Been thinking of getting Stalingrad for a wee while now.
  12. Das Boot 10/10 Would seriously recomend it to anyone anyday of the week.
  13. Coughing up my lungs, throat as raw as sandpaper, sweating my nadgers off and I feel as if I have a huge black eye.
  14. Fare thee well Northumberland - Mark Knopfler
  15. Maybe it's something like Highlander with the pair being immortal hence why some omens taken before battle in the Ancient Era often saw eclipses. Vanessa for Macedon and Philo-whatever her name is fighting for Rome.
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