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  1. Kylie tickets bought for July
  2. The sacked postmaster v badenough is bubbling up nicely
  3. There it is "it's a new start for man U "
  4. First half 2nd half we really should have won it
  5. Speith disqualified for signing an incorrect score card
  6. Here we go https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c88nynepel2o?xtor=AL-72-[partner]-[bbc.news.twitter]-[headline]-[news]-[bizdev]-[isapi]&at_medium=social&at_link_origin=BBCNews&at_link_type=web_link&at_campaign_type=owned&at_ptr_name=twitter&at_campaign=Social_Flow&at_format=link&at_link_id=A2B42E4C-CC94-11EE-BB70-1B8C4B3AC5C4&at_bbc_team=editorial
  7. $350 million fine for his Donaldness from the New York court case
  8. Rip off merchants...no got in early so normal price ( which is still a rip off )
  9. Yeah the tories will go full blown nut jobs if they get wiped out at the Ge
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