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  1. A part of me is disappointed that we conceded late and didn’t win at least 3/4-0, which probably would have been the fair result. But after two months without a league win, I’ll take it. Robinson head and shoulders above the rest, but solid performances throughout. Pleasing.
  2. Am I hearing things or is Ross Stewart’s nickname actually ‘Cheesy’ or ‘Cheeseball’?!
  3. It was hard to tell what went on for a lot of the goals from The Railway End but assumed they were incredibly soft - having skimmed the Ayr YouTube, they were indeed incredibly soft. Slow to react and positionally poor from a few players for the first too. Muirhead and Stewart slow to react for the third. Stewart has to be saving the fourth too, though obviously it was also a clanger from McBeth.
  4. Thought the ref was poor all game but he wasn’t helped by his linos. First one looked on, but tight. Second one definitely on. Dubiety over the corner for the Pars’ equaliser too, didn’t look like it crossed the line but haven’t seen it back. That said, we are so soft defending set pieces and our heads seem to go completely whenever a game descends into a bit of a farce. Has been that way for years and that second half was a classic example
  5. I was ball boy behind the goal, absolutely brilliant view for that peach! Front row for Gerry easily rounding Kevin Bud for the opener too
  6. Who was on Co-comms today? Missed the introduction at the start of the coverage and couldn’t work it out from the chat throughout
  7. It’s felt like this all game. They passed it around with ease and in lots of time and space while we lumped it long just hoped. We’ve been rancid. Arbroath deserved to pump us and won’t have an easier game this season.
  8. Front three were great; Fitzy had his man on toast, Lawless caused them all sorts of bother, and BBG with his brace. Milne really struggled with Quitongo and just didn’t look at it all game, he didn’t even seem confident enough to go forward, which is unlike him
  9. Thought Stanway was probably the best player on the park. The game passed him by for the first 15 minutes but as soon as he got a grip and started snapping into tackles, we looked much better. Whether he was the catalyst or not, he was great after settling in
  10. Holt confirmed at Dundee United. He and Doc are upgrades on a lot of the utter dross they had last season
  11. Fans moaning about backwards and sideways passes is a huge bugbear of mine. It can be horrendously tedious if it’s all you do - Caldwell era springs to mind. But Doolan had us keeping and recycling possession and then cutting through teams - that comes from these ‘negative’ passes. Anyone who was getting drenched at Hampden last night would have heard Scotland’s backwards and sideways passes getting applauded because fans now know that this Scotland team are good at recycling possession and using it well
  12. This is the reason I’m gutted about Doc going. He’s a player you notice the difference he makes more when he’s not playing, as it leaves gaping holes in the team. I believe he has the best PPG of all the players in the squad this year. Most gutted about Turner though, we could have built a team round him. A really classy player
  13. Would love to keep Turner and Tiff. Would like to keep Bannigan, Docherty (at least one of them, anyway), and Holt. Would be happy to keep Sneddon, Muirhead, and Mullen. Want Smith and Brownlie binned. Even if a couple of those top five stayed, I think that would leave us with a very decent starting point. Just depends on recruitment from there, and, as others have said, we don’t know how Doolan will be at that.
  14. What would be the the best way to make our voices heard - assuming that most fans agree it’s a farce - and put pressure on the club to vote against it?
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