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  1. If you get 6 yellows in the first 18 games of the Championship season, it would result in a one match ban served seven days later. As we're in the second 18 games of the season, Luke would need to get 12 yellows to get a two match ban served from seven days later - this does include the playoffs.
  2. Correct, The SFA Extranet shows Tam O'Brien has picked up six cautions the last being last Saturday. He'll miss Saturday's trip to Inverness though as the ruling was changed this summer to be seven days after the sixth yellow rather than 14 days.
  3. SWNT are playing at Hampden on 31st October so it will be to do with that and prepping Hampden for that game(more from a logistics and installation of advertising and cameras point rather than anything pitch related).
  4. Tickets need to be collected but any tickets that are not collected will be taken to Dingwall so could be collected there. I'm not sure if tickets unsold will be taken up to Dingwall to re-sell at portacabin but will ask. Tickets need to be collected but any tickets that are not collected will be taken to Dingwall so could be collected there. The Offices will be open until 7:30(realistically meaning 7:30 is the last time you can join the queue, if any. The Aitken Suite will be open from 12:30.
  5. We haven't received tickets yet. The earliest they will go on sale is 1pm - dependent on receiving them in the morning to allow us to set up the sales. If they don't arrive in the morning - they will go on sale pretty much immediately. Either in person or through the office phonelines. Both options will be available until 8pm on Wednesday and will re-open at 10am on Thursday. At 2pm on Thursday, the season ticket restriction is lifted and a general sale will be available for all supporters. Tickets will continue to be available at the Offices until 7:30pm allowing fans. If tickets remain, we will continue to sell them on Friday. You can only purchase physically at Firhill or through the office phonelines. There won't be any online sales but you can present your season ticket digitally(through your mobile device if that's how you use it).
  6. A small amendment needed to add in Charlie Albinson's 27th minute yellow card for dissent. He was issued it in the middle of the second goal celebrations, so it's understandable that it maybe hasn't been widely reported through your usual sources but it was definitely issued as per referee report.
  7. VAR will be installed at Firhill on Tuesday/Wednesday so will be in operation for both legs of the final.
  8. Both his goals were ruled out for offside. Neither was offside but we should have scored our chances we got to put the game to bed long before that.
  9. Playoff dates have been confirmed and have one slight change to what I understood them to be. 3rd v 4th - Tues 9th May & Sat 13th May 2nd v 3rd/4th - Sat 20th May & Sat 27th May 11th v 2nd/3rd/4th - Thurs 1st June & Sun 4th June All subject to TV selections. https://spfl.co.uk/pages/key-dates
  10. The 4th v 3rd playoff will take place on weekend 13th May(first leg) and weekend 20th May(second leg) The semi final will be 23rd May and 27th May. Final - 1st and 4th June All subject to the usual tv picks.
  11. I spotted a couple of very small errors in the latest match hub for the Dundee game, which I know you’ll want to be 100% accurate. On the post-match quotes you’ve attributed them to ‘caretaker manager Ian McCall’ Harry Milne’s goal was scored in the 80th minute(as per referee report) rather than the 84th. Scott Tiffoney and Brian Graham’s exits from the pitch are the wrong way round(Tiffoney was originally signalled to go off by the sub board but Brian came off instead as he was gubbed and Tiffoney followed a few moments later). Harry Milne wasn’t booked.
  12. The game was postponed on Monday as a result of our managerial change on Sunday night. Rescheduled for 21st March.
  13. Ross Docherty was already suspended for this tie as a consequence of his red card against Kelty Hearts in the last round. His suspension today will only apply to City of Glasgow Cup ties.
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