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  1. Was at a Broughty game the other week and thought Mudie was class, Gavin Prive was there too and whilst Tosher didn't have his best game still absolutely roasted the full back a few times.
  2. See Craig Tosh has signed from Broughty Juniors. He's absolutely rapid, good lad too, hope he does well.
  3. Bailey Steel. Started against them during the week.
  4. Just seen Pink is hosting a Q&A at Bayview - attended many of these over the years at Gayfield, always a really interesting night. At least he won't have to put up with being asked if he's going to re sign Kane Hester anymore!
  5. Is there a social club/bar at Hermes?if so what like?
  6. A much better point for Panmure than Lochee Utd tonight - dug in well in the second half to keep the scores level although another couple injuries for them to contend with won't help going forward. Lochee never seem that much of a cohesive unit when I see them, relying on individual brilliance rather than a good team performance to win them games.
  7. We do have a few fans with more outlandish views, but them aside, there's several valid reasons for us to have been less than enamoured with some of Dicks behaviour recently.
  8. Lochee now signing Panmure's captain...can't remember the last time a week went by without Lochee or Broughty signing a big player (relatively speaking obviously) from another team in the league.
  9. All the best to Dick at East Fife. As frustrating as he was as our manager the last couple of seasons, he will have felt it just as hard as us. Hope he can enjoy what will surely be his last job in management.
  10. I think Little will be wanting to play much closer to home next season
  11. Campbell to EF has been doing the rounds up here ever since he left.
  12. I'd heard he was back down south looking for a club there.
  13. Connor Coupe another good signing for Lochee. So much strength in depth on those teams.
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