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  1. Cheers, I thought so although I'd have been happy to be proven wrong. Although in fairness, our February signings were mainly to cover injured players who should be back in time for a possible PO anyway...
  2. Late response but yes, frozen pitches. Forfar did get it worse indeed. It also doesn't help that with both clubs part of their pitch is in the shade all morning due to trees, meaning those areas didn't thaw out on time.
  3. I assume that's both for the PO to get into League 2 and the PO to get into the HL? Good to know in case we reach the PO that our recent signings are eligible.
  4. I believe the original end date of the 13th was due to the PO against other tier 6 winners. As it's nearly impossible already for either Golspie or Fort William to win the NCL, and there are no licensed North Region clubs, we wouldn't need to worry about that one so it's only the possible ML/HL play-off we'll need to keep in mind when scheduling.
  5. Yep, I know. I could see us doing the same. In the most extreme case, with us reaching the PO and the finals of both cups we're still in, it could get a very busy end to the season. Something like this: Sat 27/4: PO leg 1 Wed 1/5: North End v Lochee United (R1 League Cup) Sat 4/5: PO leg 2 Wed 8/5: Broughty Athletic v Lochee United (R2 League Cup) Sat 11/5: SF inter-regional cup Wed 15/5: QF League Cup Sat 18/5: final inter-regional cup Wed 22/5: SF League Cup Sat 25/5: final League Cup I'm by no means expecting that we get that far in both cups AND reach the PO. Also, if we're in the PO and would play North End in between, we'll likely rest some players against NE. Against opposition as strong as them, that could easily see us knocked out. This is just what in theory could happen. Obviously, I'd quite happily take promotion AND 2 cup wins, but I'd definitely choose promotion over cup success.
  6. That's already happening in the ML. We don't have a date yet for our League Cup 1st round game at North End or the 2nd round for the winners at Broughty (yeah, the draw means that only 1 of the 3 challengers for the title will make the QF). Most likely, these games will only be played once the league is over. That's nothing new for that cup as clubs that are catching up with fixtures don't tend to play in the League Cup until May. The other cup we're still in, the Tayside/North inter-regional cup, we'll play our QF game away to Letham a week on Wednesday. Should we win that, we're scheduled to play the SF on Saturday 27/4 (potentially to be moved for a PO), the final takes place on 18/5. If we do make the play-offs, I wonder if we'll bother with the League Cup at all as promotion play-offs will be the obvious priority.
  7. Anyway, Roselea have been of real added value to our league since they joined. Good team, some great officials, friendly club. As said, I couldn't make Wednesday, but from the one who did go I heard they said Roselea's hospitality was great.
  8. We are still playing Broughty twice, first one next Wednesday. If we lose it, it's pretty much over. If we win, it's very much game on as we'd close the gap to 5 points with still 2 games in hand. Strathspey will very much be rooting for Broughty...
  9. I haven't posted it in here yet, but sadly I'm soon off to the funeral of our club president. He was one of the people who made me feel welcome at the club when I moved to the area. Passed away way too soon... https://www.facebook.com/Official.Lochee/posts/pfbid02k6h8GqjR1dKhbDWYCvgHmkPAzLikxeXSgJC8Y8mpzWz18URCyQs4Pr4ioBtEahuVl
  10. I've been to K-park, not the best ground I've been to from a spectator's perspective but far from the worst, lovely surroundings as well. It's absolutely fine for LL level, adequate for L2 level, but for the club to develop further you'll need something else so you can grow. Plenty of growth potential as EK as a town is pretty big so I could imagine a community stadium would help you grow as a club.
  11. No point arguing really. Cowdenbeath were in the wrong with the vote. Their board's explanation didn't make any sense and didn't provide any valid reason for the vote. But their fans will believe anything they come up with.
  12. Not that the above is an ideal situation, but it's not like B-teams who get stronger or weaker because of a first team. Also, I don't see a great deal of difference between that with the uni teams and for example Scone Thistle in our league, who due to holidays & a small squad were honking at the start of the season, only to get much stronger by signing loads of players from September or so. We beat them 7-0 away early on in the season which still flattered them while we struggled breaking them down in the home game a few weeks ago before getting a hard-fought 2-0 win. And those games we played against them were no exception, as their results against other teams also show they are basically a different team now. These things happen at our level.
  13. Different from what I've heard. I've been told the penalty was a stonewaller & our 4th goal killed the game off and there were no troubles for us after.
  14. Montrose Roselea 2-4 Lochee United I couldn't make it myself, but I heard it was a good win against strong opposition. Potential banana skin avoided and on to Saturday! Craig Moore, our new loanee from Dundee United, scored his first goal.
  15. I more mean if a winding up order could still be appealed for example, it's not yet irreversible. Although admittedly I could have worded it better
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