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  1. Just clocked that I can significantly increase my darts score by just aiming for the 1 instead of the 20. Turns 26 points into 39.
  2. When all you want to do is turn the TV on and you're met with this: Or just anybody's TV setup which involves two or more controllers. The pictured one is an overcomplicated sound system that lets people in Tristan da Cunha hear any music or explosions should you dare turn up the volume to hear what the characters are saying.
  3. Gordon Morrison the ref too. You can imagine the Buckie fans' tears and snotters over that one.
  4. Well, there's two phrases I never thought I'd see paired together.
  5. Think I said this in another thread recently, but I once saw a woman buying nothing but a cucumber and a packet of condoms at SavaCentre, Edinburgh (whilst I was backgpacking). Fair play to her for not feeling the need to buy anything else.
  6. I would have got fed up of packing bags every few days tbh, unless I was to have double of numerous things in two houses? Lumping all my school stuff from house to house in particular, or only having access to some of it at any given time for example. Want to play on the (then) Sega on a Thursday? Tough, wait until you're back at the Sega house on Sunday, etc. At least all that alternate weekends involves is packing a change of clothes & whatever electronic device one uses. Maybe it's a chore they just get used to (like doing the dishes or whatever), but without trying to be critical here, the whole split home setup just strikes me as something that's done for the parents' benefit at the expense of the kids' tbh. Everyone's different of course, but I would have far preferred the alternative weekend thing (which we had) rather than a split week. Hopefully you don't need to deal with the tedious "you owe me a day" thing should the kids stay at a family member's / go to a Scout camp / Whatever for a full Sat-Sun spell. *can one have multiple homes? Is it important to have a home? Who knows.
  7. Aye, Elgin. Not exactly Stenny or Peterhead in that league, are they.
  8. I really can't stress this enough. Hopefully not too much of a tangent here, but I got caught up in the middle of the aforementioned sh*t-flinging as a kid (being the messenger for various things, getting interrogated for info upon returning from weekends, etc) and all that happened is that I lost respect for both parents, more and more so looking back at it all as an adult. Long story short: don't involve the kids; it doesn't end well for anybody.
  9. 28 years on from their messy divorce and I still get uncomfortable when my parents are in the same country as each other, never mind the same street. The earlier comment about people changing their tune post-divorce is bang on in their case. You'd like to think that adults could act like adults (little things like not driving away with the other hanging out the car window after trying to get in the others face in front of the kids), but some folk can't help but end up in a sh*t-flinging contest that you'd expect from a playground. That's not a tongue-in-cheek comment btw. Only different hemispheres will do, which is thankfully ~90% of the time.
  10. That or one of my conference posters that I sent to the plotter the wrong size.
  11. "Let's get the holiday started early..." to add some 'fun' to an otherwise tedious day of travel. Some people just don't know when to stop though. ETA: you could extend this to any night out tbf where there's a culture where drink beyond the Chief Medical Officer's recommendation is seen as the fun thing to do. Same thing, just later in the day.
  12. I assumed this story from Montrose would have been posted up already, but seems to have gone under the radar: https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/11984613/coronation-street-flashed-boobs-booze-fuelled-chaos/
  13. I'm working with somebody who's always referring to their kid called Destiny, which has to be in the NED Name Premier League imo. Adopted from Northfield tbf.
  14. Taking one for the league. A one horse race for both the champion and relegation spots would just be boring for everybody.
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