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  1. https://youtu.be/YD0vGwN39Fs?si=0tqpx_nnC6L6pfVB
  2. The games Aberdeen could be involved in, are the only ones with a date. Final 23rd and 26th May. Im in the same boat of requiring time off and needing the dates asap.
  3. Atmosphere wise we should be looking at designating a decent sized section of the South as a singing section for the home playoff semi. Season tickets not counting gives us a good oppurtunity to try and get a vocal crowd grouped together to drive the atmosphere.
  4. Second place secured with three games to spare and eight points from the games against Thistle. It's only 13 months since we went to Firhil with a threadbare squad and got absolutely turned over, really good progress from us on the pitch. Today, good to get a clean sheet with two centre backs playing, and Brown in midfield. Easton offered more wide than Smith who I think is better in the middle.
  5. You just know it'll be a half hour queue at the bar for a £6+ pint too. Plenty decent pubs in Dunfermline that will have a good atmosphere and you won't be absolutely fleeced in.
  6. Definitely won't apply. The final is Thur 23rd /Sun 26th Final round of games is 3rd May Guessing the semis will be first leg on Tue 14th or Wed 15th, and second leg Fri 17th or Sat 18th. Fairly safe assumption ?
  7. Set up with a hard to beat midfield then failed to press and gifted them so much space for the first two goals. We need to sort the defence in the summer. We've never recovered from Lang, Bene, Davo and Musonda all leaving. We need to recruit well. Murray and Watson both have had good games but we need to consider if we can carry two players that will likely both have numerous spells out injured. Ashcroft seemed like a good loan and it's been really unfortunate we lost him and Millen for different reasons. We need to get defensive cover we have all sorts of attacking options on the bench but at the back it quickly becomes very makeshift. I like Dick but there is no competition for his place which isn't healthy. Corr is this seasons Young. First name on the subs bench but not trusted to play. Murray needs to decide how we're playing and if we need attacking full backs for it they need to be signed.
  8. Thought he provided some drive and urgency when he moved forward in to midfield in the second half.
  9. In theory if a jury was aware of the case they would know someone had been banned for throwing a missile. They would have no idea if that was the person up in court or not.
  10. Raith haven't named the fan banned, so it won't prejudice anything. If someone is charged then there is nothing to say they are the person who is banned. It's exactly the same as what the Pars did in Jan when they identified those responsible for attacking a Raith fan and banned them immediately, those cases are now going through the courts. A club doesn't need to reach the same level of proof to ban someone as a court does to convict them. Theres no reason for the club not to ban them immediately. You either have a really poor grasp of the law or are desperate to somehow paint us, identifying and taking immediate action as a bad thing.
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