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  1. Easier said than done when a team close us down quickly and don’t give us time or space to get a passing game going. Morton are very effective at doing this and when teams do it well it makes things difficult. We like to play passing football. Earlier this season, at the end of October, the Pars took the same approach and also nearly drew 0-0, but came unstuck when Stanton scored in the 93rd minute.
  2. I managed to sign in to the new system. I am less sure about getting any of the remaining tickets after the 38,000 SSC members have had their pick.
  3. Morton are the form team in the league over the last 10 games, so a 0-0 draw with them isn’t exactly disastrous. Onwards to Friday!
  4. One country has to be the first to get rid. Might as well be Scotland. If they aren’t getting rid, then they should drastically scale back VAR intervention. In fact, no, get rid. There is absolutely nothing about VAR that I like.
  5. I’m a season ticket holder and I’ve paid the extra tenner to get the PPV. I’m on the swimming run at 8pm. But I’ll get most of the game. That pitch is looking a bit shiny on TV these days. COYR!
  6. Hopefully our confident conmen (rival to the village idiots?) can get a result against Dougie’s Morton. Strong Father Ted “and now we move on, to Liars…” vibes from Dougie in his pre-match interview..
  7. I heard the show today and I thought this thread would be doing some business. It’s not the same when there’s a guest presenter. If they’re going to go down that road they need to get some better guest presenters. They need to try to maintain the odd couple vibe.
  8. I liked going round behind the dugouts too. We were more into verbal abuse - “look at you, ya ugly b*****d, you look Herman fucking Munster.” They should bring that back. Get rid of that fucking grey portacabin and nets and stick fans in there. Bit of terracing (or safe standing, whatever) behind the dugouts would be excellent.
  9. Lot of feeling right enough. He’s one for the watching.
  10. I see the Scotland Supporters Club membership is at 38,000 and they aren’t taking new members at the moment, so I feel I could be struggling to get a ticket for the Portugal game in October.
  11. I like that baldy weirdo. If only for this madness: “Today I feel Qatari. Today I feel Arab. Today I feel African. Today I feel gay. Today I feel disabled. Today I feel a migrant worker.”
  12. Fairly sure that wouldn’t be our highest ever home league attendance. I’m assuming it just means this season?
  13. I saw that Dick Campbell is the new manager at East Fife. Most interesting thing to happen at East Fife for a while. Hopefully he can get them back up the leagues.
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