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  1. Fans of daft wee diddy clubs fuming that the Kirkcaldy behemoth are cherry picking players from the Premiership. Good.
  2. It’s not football related - there’s been a fall out between Millen and Murray. I’d be more than happy for him to still be playing every week based on football.
  3. Him, or whoever the f**k was supposed to be marking Tam O’Brien? Though choice.
  4. Pars would fucking love to sign Ross Millen. He’d be your best player by a mile.
  5. You’re too fucking stupid to converse with. As you were.
  6. You do understand that the club can sign a striker whilst still looking for another defender, right?
  7. You post your opinion, someone else posts theirs in response and then you jump down their throat for not being allowed an opinion. Everyone is posting their opinion. That’s the whole point of the forum
  8. Yeah, that’s no how it works.
  9. Have avoided this forum since last weekend because I assume it was full of complete slavers having mental breakdowns. Hopefully calmed a bit now. Looking forward to tomorrow, temps are to come up a good bit today and tomorrow so hopefully no doubts about it being on. Fancy us to win narrowly.
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