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  1. I for one kind believe some good Samaritans like the two Morton centre halves have been booked
  2. Weird, the screenshot I sent to my pal still had a minute and a half left on it. Not the end of the world, I could probably do without spending that much
  3. Anyone else have an issue bidding on the signed shirts? Tried to put a last minute bid on ruddens and just got an error message
  4. Musonda played several games at right back when he was with us, I'm surprised he's not the defender you'd move over
  5. "How did you spend Christmas morning?" "Aww I went on a football forum to moan about Raith Rovers midfielder Dylan Easton" Also you can make any arguments about Easton but McGinty went in studs up and knee high which is a red card and completely brain damaged behaviour
  6. Big fan of the studs up knee high challenge not being a red card because "well he didn't connect that hard, actually"
  7. We were also in a strong position the January before that and strengthened with Timmy Abraham
  8. The counter point to this, is there is I'm fairly sure there was photos shared last time this came up of the boy who has the flag going to Derry for the bonfires, making it maybe less to do with a group of youths from the 80s and more to do with the troubles?
  9. Are you by any chance his Da or something? You seem to find it impossible to subjective about him. I hope he comes good, in the same way I hope every player who plays for Raith does, but there's a massive step up from junior to professional football. I can't comment on his performance last night because I wasn't there, but I was at the Montrose game and every time he touched the ball it either went out for a throw in, or to a Montrose player
  10. Out of curiosity does the free under 12s we offer also extend to the away end? Because I take my nephew with me about half the time and I pay less than I did last season taking him than I did last season with the free under 12 tickets
  11. Could be wrong but I don't think it is on the TV and was moved for other reasons
  12. If Connelly and Easton aren't deemed fit to start, instead of playing McGill on the wing again I'd either put him in the middle, either as the 10, or pushing Stanton there with either of smith or Vaughan on the left or put him at left back, with dick at centre back and pushing brown and Stanton both forward one
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