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  1. 9 months for me. Feels like we just missed out on some really good times . We were then treated to years of obscurity in Division 2 / League 1 with occasionally escapes for a season at a time to the 2nd tier.
  2. This is pretty much the same for me, but also Celtic. I started going just after the cup runs of the late 90's / very early 2000's.
  3. Yup, that was the last competitive fixture between the sides. Don't think we've ever had them in the league cup groups, despite having almost every other eligible team in the West / South west due to the regionalised groups they ran for a bit. It must be one of the longest runs between competitive fixtures for any club that we have come up against previously. 24 years and 3 months at this point.
  4. Yup I think that's right. Kyle Letheren pulled off a ridiculous save very late on at 2-1. Dundee had been 2-0 up but almost threw it away. Dees fans must have been in disbelief watching the score coming in from Hamilton.
  5. If Raith do stay down it will be the most central belt of leagues that there has ever been. With us and Raith probably being the longest distance apart. Was going to say that would hopefully mean better overall attendances across the board for all clubs, but that's probably not likely given some of the teams and their away crowds.
  6. I, like many others, very much look forward to having some proper community football clubs, who live within their means, coming up through the pyramid to challenge. The LL already has a few, so good luck to them. Until that point however, I think its very much the case that in these fixtures many will continue to support the L2 community football clubs that live within their means. For example, it would be great to see bankies return at some point, or to see a real progression of big clubs like Talbot or Pollok, but clubs like EK are everything that is wrong with the idea of 'ambitious' lower-league clubs. Living within your means is now viewed as being unambitious and lazy - as opposed to it being the very bedrock that the Scottish game requires. Saturday was the perfect rebuttal to the sycophantic media interpretation of spaffing money on a vanity football project.
  7. It was a truly sad end to the EK underdog story yesterday.... I wonder if Black Rooster supplied the catering at Trump Turnberry.
  8. While I somewhat agree. The guy that scored the 3rd is a former EK player who had been getting it tight after coming on the park. The celebrations at the second goal were exactly what you'd expect to see with the home support.
  9. Gutted for the EK soldiers of love, not getting their Black Rooster lifetime membership cards.
  10. While it was a horrible position to have ended up in the first place, I hope you guys can maybe build on the back of yesterday. It was a brilliant occasion, our group that headed down to take it in had a brilliant day. Some great craic in the pubs in the town before and after the game and a thoroughly enjoyable 120 minutes (although I imagine it wasn't quite as enjoyable for you guys until the very end). Fantastic crowd and brilliant scenes at the end. Hopefully that was a good pay day for the club (not sure how that works exactly in a play off tie) - but I have to say Stranraer didn't really look like the kind of teams we've seen going down in recent years. Some good players there, hopefully you can build on it in the same way Montrose have done on the back of their own 42nd place finish a few years back.
  11. That whole highlights package is just incredible. A real peak Scottish lower league football moment. Laurence - "There's someone booked, but who cares" Brian - "Who cares! You can give me a yellow card ref - we're 2-1 up!" Laurence - "Look we've got the big fat kitman on again" Brian - "Oh, here we go, he's off" Genuinely so happy for Brian Martin - his commentary of the last 5 minutes is absolutely iconic. "And can i say, John Hannah, Muriel Gray, Ally McCoist, Lorraine Kelly, Whirlies roundabout, Kirsty Young - your boys took a helluva beating today"
  12. Its incredible watching Balde's first miss to think there's another one coming later. Mental.
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