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  1. Good signing, hopefully more to come in the next few days
  2. Unfortunately it's not only the young team that causes these kind of issues. At one of the home games (can't remember what game but it was a near sell out. I wasn't there due to work but the folk I sit beside told me) a guy came in with his 2 kids and sat in the row in front. He then got up with his son to go to the kiosk and left his daughter. One of the members of Fife Finest staggered in and sat next to the wee lassie, he was told someone was sitting there but told them where to go. The guy came back and asked him to move but was told to go sit somewhere else as that is where they always sit, the directors know they sit there and nobody would care. They almost came to blows with lots of shouting and swearing but the FF eventually moved a few seats away. The kids were upset and they disappeared at halftime, probably been scared away from attending another match.
  3. What is the disabled parking like in and around the ground in Dingwall? Bringing my father in law up on Sunday and he struggles to walk any distance. Gutted it's yourselves we're playing, was hoping it would be St. Johnstone to get a chance to relegate Levein. Hopefully will be a couple of cracking games
  4. hopefully this will stop folk going on about our pitch for a wee while
  5. Is there any dedicated disabled spaces at or very near the ground in Dingwall?
  6. Railway stand isn't fit for purpose atm, too much work needed on it. Tried the north end before and it's too far from the rest of the support. Only other place available is the main stand
  7. As I've said before, chuck them in the main stand corner. Less likely to get on the pitch, too far for them to throw flares on the pitch. They can stand and jump about without pissing people off and easier to police. With the low roof, the noise from them will be louder
  8. Hopefully finishes 25-24 on penalties, with a few red cards and some wee, not serious, niggles that'll take a couple weeks to get better
  9. Calum Hannah wins young player of the year Lewis Vaughan wins players player of the year Ross Matthews wins Malcolm Szpera award Kevin Dabrowski wins managers player of the year Special merit award goes to groundsman Stewart Biggar Goal of the season is Scott Brown's vs DU And sir Sam Stanton wins supporters player of the year
  10. Cheers. I'll get to watch the semi's on the box at least
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