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  1. I would love to have Kerr McInroy back at Airdrie but the chances of that happening are unrealistic. He got 8 assists and 4 goals last season which is still a pretty decent return, he was excellent in a loan spell with us a few seasons ago and I'd probably rate him higher than Telfer. I don't know enough to know what else Raith need but yourself and Ayr have signed pretty well so far already and it's still early days in the window.
  2. When Ian Murray was manager for us he tended to sign players that he worked with in the past and I don't think he's managed Charlie Telfer before, I think Telfer would jump at the chance to join Raith tbh, it'll be interesting to see where he ends up. It wouldn't surprise me if you were to sign Kerr McInroy as he's been released from Killie, stays in Fife and was very successful in a loan spell with us, also previously worked under Murray.
  3. Delighted with that, even better news knowing that there's no recall option so we have him for the season no matter what!
  4. Just caught up with all of the comments on the 'Facebook Group' Jesus wept, what an absolute binfire of a page!!
  5. I think it was always going to be difficult to get a fee for the likes of Josh Rae as he had already played a season of Championship football with Queen of the South and we done well to get him as there was interest in him from down south. I think the strategy is to develop and sell young players who we gave them their professional debuts or had only a handful of games with a bigger club, it's much easier to do this with players who are less established as we would be more likely to get these players tied down on longer term contracts. We were successful in selling Justin Devenny to Crystal Palace and I think our next assets that we'll be looking to develop and sell on are; Dean McMaster Lewis McGregor Gavin Gallagher Liam McStravick Mason Hancock Dylan MacDonald (even although he's just joined) McCabe has a proven track record of developing young players so these players that I listed are likely to only get better. If we're able to maintain ourselves as an established championship team whilst aiming to at lest sell 1/2 players per season that would put us in a great position financially and help us to compete better with teams around about us who would be able to offer more money.
  6. I think McCabe would've moved on if he wasn't going to get the backing of the board. Our one season in the Championship has brought us in over £600k in prize money in comparison to our £140 odd whilst we were in League 1. We overachieved last season and it's not surprising that players are getting offers from bigger clubs, not much you can do about it I'm afraid. McCabe's recruitment has been excellent since he's been manager so whilst it will be a rebuild I'm optimistic that we'll be able to sign well and be fine next season even though it'll take time for new players to gel. Out of the players we are in discussions with apparently Frizzell has signed a new contract with us and we're just waiting on Telfer (although I can see him moving on too). I know he had mixed reviews from yourselves but he was outstanding and was voted POTY last season.
  7. This might be a very unpopular opinion but I think Craig Watson is very underappreciated and is every bit as good a right back as Cammy Ballantyne is. I think he's a much better right back than what he is centre back and although he has the odd brain fart in him he's been pretty solid in every season for us, including last season when he scored 5 goals for us in the Championship. As much as I would have liked Cammy to stay the more I think about it I don't see him leaving as a total disaster, I would be more gutted about Telfer and Frizzell leaving.
  8. Gutted with that one Ballantyne was great for us and it's disappointing he'll be likely moving to one of our League rivals. His contribution in the 2nd half of our promotion season playing at left back contributed massively in us going up. Agree it's unlikely we'll sign Megwa on loan this season but I can see us signing Flynn Duffy as a replacement. He's followed a similar career trajectory to Mason Hancock having played regularly and done well on loan in league 2. I can see us more going for a left back as we'd have MacDonald and Watson who can play right back.
  9. Was actually going to pop into the Dumbarton thread to see how he got on as he had a brief spell there, sounds as if the loan from Rangers was a complete disaster, hoping he's drastically improved since 2017/2018. I think he's played over 100 games in Northern Ireland so he's got some good experience and is only 25, with Fordyce signing for Raith it's big shoes to fill. Our scout from consilium Andy Young described him as 'the best ball playing defender in NI' on twitter which sounds promising. If Aidan Wilson turns out as good a signing as Adam Frizzell and Calum Gallagher were I'll be more than delighted. Looking forward to visiting the rock again when the new season starts again.
  10. Airdrie sign Aidan Wilson from Glentoran. https://x.com/AirdrieoniansFC/status/1799450321627783633?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  11. Ratboys at the Rum Shack in Glasgow last night. Superb gig and enjoyable sets from support acts 'Former Champ' and 'Lande Hekt'.
  12. Squad update and the release/retained list must be imminent soon, think it was around about this time last season it was published so hopefully something tonight or at the end of the week. Signings I'm happy to be patient as it is still very early and I don't actually think the transfer window is officially open yet.
  13. It looks like we are preparing to 'push the boat out' this season on getting a regular goalscorer in if we are 'preparing to launch a bid'. Think this is the correct decision as we were struggling to score goals last season.
  14. According to Scott Burns we're interested in signing a striker from Glentoran 'David Fisher'. https://m.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/irish-league/glentoran-face-fight-to-keep-star-striker-wanted-by-ambitious-scottish-side/a775657442.html
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