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  1. Also the courier confirms that Dick will be available for next week and the suspension is for the league cup only. FYI - it’s towards the bottom of the article. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/4655323/raith-rovers-ian-murray-hibs/
  2. Ian Murray recently mentioned that he was looking to add a defender who could play on either flack, a midfielder and striker. Going by the rumours this probably points to Brody Paterson as the defender and Shaun Byrne as midfield, but as both under contract with their current clubs and new managers have come in who want to have look at them first, we have probably inquired about them and trying to work out deal with their club to release or loan them to us. In terms of the striker, I pretty much expect this will be young player who is raw and will come on loan. Going by where we are in the season in Scotland and England, I can see anything really happening until the middle/end of August once all teams have got their squads in order. Also at this point I would expect to see Masson, Mitchell and Arnott go out on loan too.
  3. Seemed fine to me, but also shows that we need someone upfront with a bit presence….
  4. Terrible goal to concede, but not surprisingly as our weak point at the moment is the right back area with McGill being the square peg in the round hole. Can’t understand why Masson isn’t getting the chance when he can play the role and McGill is more suited to midfield play. Also, Corr in general is good, but with his age there is the odd mistake which nearly leads to a goal like the Pars game. Finally, like last season we offer nothing upfront and if we do get a chance we can’t take it. The sooner we can get Hamilton up to speed the better cause Gullan isn’t a centre forward.
  5. Reading over the recent threads, I think we are all in agreement that we need more defensive recruitments. For me prior to the pre-season games we needed two solid centre backs and a wingback who could play on either flank since we had Corr (CB), Dick (LB/CB), Masson (RB/CB) and Mullen (RB) signed up. Following this we have signed Watson (CB) and have given a trial to Paterson (LB/RB), which hopefully we can sort something out with Hartlepool to sign him on a longer basis. This then leaves us with the final centre back space to fill and I can’t see this being filled until August when the Scottish Premiership and English teams getting ready for the new season. Outside of that I would say we need another central midfielder to fill the space vacated by Spencer. Doing this would the make us competitive for the season ahead.
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