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  1. Corr needs to be playing games and we can't guarantee him that, so it's a sensible decision to move on. I presume he has a club lined up. I would've been happy to see him stay, but he would not be first pick and we have other options to cover at CB, which most probably doesn't sit well with Corr. Hanlon is supposed to be coming in as well and he'll be first pick, so you can certainly understand him leaving. I think he's decent and there's potential there, but currently I don't think he's currently good enough to be first pick for a team that wants to be promoted.
  2. Unless Hanlon is off elsewhere, I am pretty sure we won't be signing Lee Ashcroft. At any rate, I don't think we've been linked with him, have we? There is no question that he'd be a good signing and I do think back sometimes to him getting injured in a bit of a "what might've been" way. What I would also say, is that The Courier is almost always spot on for Rovers news, so I will be surprised (and disappointed) if Hanlon has fallen through.
  3. I suppose he'd have to do without steak as well, for religious reasons.
  4. "Hi" without your name appearing next is the sure sign of someone who's about to have a go at you about something, justfied or othwrwise. Best left ignored. If it's urgent they can call.
  5. I am shocked to find that a man who has three jobs is an opportunist moneygrabber. He's resigning as leader, because he's fallen short* of the standards required. He's resigning as an MSP, because he's fallen short of the standards required. But being an MP remains just fine, seemingly, even though that's where these expenses issues have arisen from. Impeccable logic, here, from a power-crazed moron. This is fraud. If any one of us in a normal job claimed expenses that were outside of policy in the way that Ross has, we'd be sacked. Perhaps censured and made to pay it back in the event that it was an isolated and genuine error, but Ross has no defence here. To take one example (and you only need one), there are claims for London - Glasgow flights, which are out of policy, plus car parking, for dates that he was officiating a Celtic game. He's been caught. He's a fraudster. On a different note, the SFA should be investigating him as well. A man that is as dishonest as Douglas Ross should not be officiating football matches.
  6. https://news.sky.com/story/president-emmanuel-macron-dissolves-french-national-assembly-and-calls-for-snap-election-13150407 La tête est partie.
  7. Shocked to discover that Mick Kennedy is a gobshite.
  8. There's David Cameron running the country again.
  9. Yes, Ian Murray. With predictable consequences. No-one really knows exactly what happened, which I'd suggest is for the best, for both parties' sake.
  10. Playing the victim despite winning 6 titles out if the last 7. They have become Celtic.
  11. Ethan Ross is a very capable player. Whilst letting him go on loan to Falkirk and indeed not offering him a deal were the right things to do, those decisions definitely come with some trepidation that he will come back and haunt us. That said, we have to balance that with reality: he was out injured too often and he plays a position that we have plenty of options in. He was also, I believe, one of our top earners (alongside Jamie Gullan), who also spent a fair bit of time injured. From a financial perspective it makes sense for the club to move him on as well. I think we might have a first here where I completely agree with the retained/released list. Liam Dick is seldom injured, can cover CB as well and is solid enough. Whether he will be happy being a back up is a different matter. Corr I think will be looking for somewhere with more chance of first team football. I do feel a bit for Scott McGill, even if the decision is the right one. His versatility went against him a bit, I think - he was put in when there was a clear gap and was never able to get a run in the team. There is a player there, although he was well down the pecking order for us in his favoured position; he needs to find a club where he'll be one of the first pick CMs.
  12. The plane was diverted due to a medical emergency and a passenger was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault. The two things are related. If you go back a page and click on the tweet with the Edinburgh Live article, the depressing QT and conversation beneath it fills in the blanks.
  13. Exactly. Even if you knock two zeros off whatever the UAE/Saudis will offer De Bruyne, you're looking at life changing money for the vast majority of the population. That would be the mortgage paid off, which takes a lot of pressure off. Compare that with an already very rich man who's set up for life as it is and has millions in the bank? It's no comparison at all. He can buy ten houses right now if he wanted to. He is of course entitled to take it if he wants and, yes, he can be criticised for it. "You'd take it as well, hypocrite!' is not some sort of gotcha response here. It's not an equal comparison.
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