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  1. What a hit to win it as well. A beauty in contrast to that hideous green away strip. A very good evening's entertainment Lol. Lmao.
  2. Raith fans singing the Rhumba. You love to see it.
  3. My point is they might not have asked him about it, or if they did the editor might have cut the content. We won't ever know but there is no reason at all to assume Tierney isn't committed to Scotland just because it isn't mentioned.
  4. It's very important to dispose of the Dayglows' survival hopes hygienically.
  5. Coverage of Scottish sport in the Guardian is very, very bad. They did a whole write up of the last six nations and mentioned us once at the end. They only care about him because he's on Arsenals books.
  6. KT in the Guardian today talking about how he is still loving life in Spain. Hopefully there is a little life in his hammies yet. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2024/feb/14/kieran-tierney-i-was-up-against-mbappe-it-helps-you-in-the-long-run
  7. The moaners are right in this case. We should be paying all our staff. The fact some are only interested in it to have a pop is beside the point. If we can be affording the manpower to strike 'strategic partnerships' with Burnley we can afford to pay a kid one day a week to get their start in life.
  8. A privilege to have him for the year. Barring some miracle that will be it though so trying not to get too attached. My top tip is to imagine him on the bog.
  9. There is a theory in our workplace that St Johnstone's participation in the Scottish Premiership is a myth. No one has ever met a St Johnstone fan, surely they can't be a real Premiership side? It's said one day we may awake to find them back in the seaside leagues. Their Premiership stay nothing more than the lurid dream of a farmer and his tractor.
  10. I feel like we've played Croatia A LOT over the last 20 years. We do seem to get some joy out of them but meh. Out of the four it's only Spain I would really like to avoid.
  11. A visit to Madame Whiplash would likely be cheaper if that's your thing.
  12. First time back at Dens after eleven.years exile down South. First time for the wee man verbatim. Frustrating if enjoyable day out. Some things change but some things stay the same. Thought we looked good in spells and had more goals in us. The move for Robinson's chance at 2-2 being a case in point. However we have a serious problem when anyone runs at our central defence. Hearts had decent spells of attack but they didn't really need to work it for the first and third, just carry it hard. I hope returning defenders will help but at the moment we lack that little bit of dig. We need to get in people's faces faster and if we look beat have them on the deck before they get in the box.
  13. Let's hope a change of scene helps. He needs it imo.
  14. A lot of them are loans though, which will keep the costs down. One of the lads on open all mics was having a go at the number of loans we had, something like 10 with 7 in the match day squad, on Saturday. My reply to that is that if minted clubs are going to try and hoover up all the talented youngsters while they see who works out, teams like ours are perfectly within their rights to find ways to game that same system and get the best team possible on the park. In fairness others on the show were sticking up for us and pointing out that several of our other first teamers have come through our system. I genuinely think the success of Beck's loan is a huge deal for the club. People are going to come here that wouldn't have otherwise. Edit: What's happened to Pineda? I feel bad for him. Although to be fair he might just be shagging every bird in Dundee.
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