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  1. It's a matter of taste but the vocalisation - can't really call it singing - on Blonde on Blonde is wonderful.
  2. I'll give you Killer Queen. Wonderful record ! Otherwise the pop/rock group for people who don't like pop or rock music.
  3. They're not going to 'batter everyone in the group ' , just Scotland.
  4. FFS.....you can't be a half-witted glory hunting bigot these days without some woke snowflake getting on your case !
  5. Don't tell me ....."ma da and his da and his da .......the Lisbon Lions were all born within 50 miles. of Dalkieth......it's no a wee green swastika.."
  6. I may be deluded and overwhelmed by myth but If anything The Beatles are underrated. But it is all subjective .
  7. The Beatles of course. All debate is interesting, healthy and entertaining etc but a best musical act of all time discussion can really only end one way. Now who's second best is a far less obvious and more interesting idea.....
  8. Had the game taken place at Tannadice as the properly neutral requirement of not giving unfair advantage to Glaswegians would demand this Bovril atrocity would not have taken place.......and Aberdeen would be in the final.
  9. Why stop at football for good old Scottish isolationism. Beatles you say ? Typical Mersey Beat fanboy. I spent Saturday night listening to Wet Wet Wet & Hue & Cry and I know which I preferred !!!
  10. Very few Scots would now recognise a sport that's exciting, technically excellent and which hasn't been totally dominated for nearly 40 years by two secterian hatebuckets who've an obsession with the island of Ireland. Totally alien. Utterly unfathomable. How do they tolerate such a thing ?
  11. Ah the old 'I only support a bigoted club cos of ma da'' argument. if you can't aspire to either support a club for positive reasons or not support a club for negative reasons and are tied into what you decided when you were ten or what your parent decided for you, you're essentially admitting an inability to think for yourself. Weird thing to admit to
  12. That footage should be required viewing for all who think supporting Celtic & Rangers is something that civilised human beings should aspire to.
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