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  1. Inspired by this temper tantrum - I thought it might be interesting to check in with folk and see how they feel about their club's current place in the SPFL, where they think their natural place is, whether that's likely to change in the future, that kind of thing. I think Alloa's done well to become one of the top part-time clubs, and the club generally makes very good decisions, especially regarding appointments. There seems to be thought going into the long-term picture. The next step for us would probably be to build the club's regular support so that it could maintain a full-time squad, but that would be way off in the future, if it were ever to happen. No doubt the club has an eye on more ground improvements too, as there's been a lot of work on that in the past twenty years. We're doing well overall - League One is probably our level, and maintaining a place in the Championship would be quite an achievement.
  2. I quite like Tarantino's approach to real-world events - "here's how it would've gone if I was God"
  3. I've seen middle-class journalist parents complaining about Peppa Pig before. It was Horrid Henry before that. No doubt there was another children's book/TV character before that; I do remember folk trying to claim that Tom & Jerry were responsible for kids attacking each other with hammers (or some such nonsense). They're all desperate for something cultural other than themselves to blame for little Jaiydden and Ohlivya's behaviour. Presumably the journos are all such a bunch of c***s because of the shite they consume between writing crap like this.
  4. The Monroe thing? I know nothing about it, is it different?
  5. I don't know if other people feel this way, but these days I lose interest in a film almost immediately when I realise it's a biopic, no matter who the subject is. They're usually stories that have to be massively manipulated to even slightly resemble a movie plot, take real life people peripherally involved (alive or dead) and libel them to serve the story they want to tell, and often whitewash their subjects to ensure cooperation from them/their estate. They're almost all shite, often immoral, and it's a genre I'd be happy to see die.
  6. Sensational undercover photo from my midnight ludge induction (trouser leg not shown).
  7. In case anyone's thinking of Brechin's disastrous 2017/18 season, they had at least one player who exceeded four goals.
  8. The modern rule appears to be that you aren't racist unless you explicitly announce on camera "I am a great big racist who does racisms". Even then, probably borderline; could just be having a bad day. Really can't be arsed to find out, but I wonder if those cheeky chappies over at Stormfront now take exception to being called racist while revelling in the genocide of Jews and obsessing over black people being subhuman beasts.
  9. It was indeed a very nice bin, and I had to warn my boss off stealing it for his house Shandon Par: a great bunch of lad.
  10. What GOOD HONEST BRITTISH HARD WORKING BRITTISH people don't seem to understand is that these are dry runs for what they'd like to inflict on their children. Or maybe they just don't care so long as it GIRU Johnny Furriner. Give it time; we'll get there.
  11. Should be banned for being absolutely insufferable IMO.
  12. Are they going down the "actually, I think you'll find that we're centre right" route too?
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