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  1. Just occurred to me that women who launch these crowdfunders must get inundated with requests to start an OnlyFans.
  2. Wait, Felix is a gender neutral name?
  3. It would be difficult to measure the number of The Rangers fans, considering most of them linger under 'My Team: Other/Scotland' out of embarrassment.
  4. Let me guess - deeply average middle-class parents, mortified when forced to visit their grandparents' council flat, total lack of understanding that owning a new-build semi-detached is considered poverty by actual gentry. Every school has to have one. It's the law.
  5. I'd guess there'd be a few answers - first, the US should've joined forces with Japan long before Pearl Harbour and helped them to exterminate the Chinese. Second, assuming that didn't happen, the US should've threatened to nuke Japan into glass (they didn't have the capability, but Japan didn't know that) unless they became a slave vassal state to America. Third, assuming none of that would've happened, Nazi Germany was flakey as f**k and would've forgotten about their pact with Japan if it had kept the 24" pythons from wrapping themselves around Hitler's throat and performing an atomic legdrop on Berlin, brother! (I'm assuming Hulk Hogan answered at least one of these questions)
  6. If they're only charging you a few quid, they're already absorbing a loss on the postage. Insurance is prohibitive on items that expensive. Also, you've no idea what their profit is on that item. You may have noticed that you've touched a sore spot from a previous life
  7. I'm sorry, you knew a child who wore a monocle? (always nice to find new uses for old emoticons)
  8. She'd likely agree that America should've remained neutral too, allowed Europe to batter the shit out of itself for decades, then sweep in to enslave the continent when almost everyone was dead or defenceless. AMERICA FIRST! Would be a laugh to see REFUK realising that the UK will only have a relationship with Fash America for as long as it's profitable.
  9. You're missing out the part where they're all the victims your missus keeps trapped in the basement
  10. Considering what an incredible tool AI is for software developers, it's infuriating to see people just sloppily copypasting answers when with only a little more effort it can point you in the right direction for even complex problems. I'm guessing your student left his whole assessment to the night before and figured it was worth lazily rolling the dice I know opinion's divided on this at the moment, but it really feels like most coders won't be needed for a whole lot longer. Great for humanity (possibly), not so great for old men who've retrained in it
  11. I'm sure there was a Yes Minister joke where Hacker asks Humphrey what kind of government a country has, the response to which was "their full title is the People's Democratic Republic of <x>", to which Hacker says, "ah, so it's a dictatorship"
  12. That's reminded me of Fawlty Towers - there's an episode where Basil whispers into Polly or Sybil's ear a couple of times, and John Cleese was a bit too loud on the second attempt, so the boom picked up the end of whatever he was saying to her. It sounds a lot like the last word was "wanking"
  13. Blew Anal c**t off the stage at the Milwaukee Metalfest in 1994. I just heard a podcast featuring an Aussie who said that Fosters is pretty hard to find because nobody buys it, other than tourists. He also said that Castlemaine XXXX is easier to find, but mainly drank by wanky hipsters in (I think) Melbourne, so maybe it's the antipodean Pabst Blue Ribbon? As a budding programmer, may I refer you to ChatGPT, dear sir Also, I'm pretty sure that rating ethnicities by blood type is how the Nazis got started. On top of that, black and white I can see, orange...well, if we're including the permatanned...but blue?
  14. That's probably not a gaffe. The American Right have been banging on about Hitler being a leftist for years, and "communism" was their word for "anything we don't like" for decades before they switched to "socialism", "Marxism", and "woke" after their Red paranoia became a global joke. She may very well genuinely think that Hitler, who had actual communists persecuted and murdered for their ideology, was unleashing communism upon the world. Plus, it's now very inconvenient to say that America helped to defeat fascism, considering they're now undeniably the party of fascism.
  15. If it's anything like P&B, a wee bung to the mods and they'll send you the login details for any non-fee paying account.
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