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  1. When you're on night shifts, so you're just getting settled down for a few hours' kip before you need to leave for work, and your family decide now would be a good time to f**k about and make the fridge/toilet/oven explode and require your urgent attention
  2. Just occurred to me that I've only seen Scotland win one game at a tournament - Switzerland in 1996. too young in 78/82 no idea what I was doing for Sweden in 1990 - probably dragged away from the TV by family, as I watched most of that World Cup stuck in the middle of a forest on a school trip for the CIS in 1992 - didn't even know the Danes had won the whole thing until I got home That's yer lot
  3. I guess it's an easy way to stop people just clicking 'OK' to the default, as the current year shouldn't be accepted by any site that needs you to be an adult. Or, indeed, capable of using a website. But aye, the older you get, the more annoying it is to scroll through the decades back to nineteen-umpteen
  4. Pity. Hopefully the Danes can put these c***s to the sword.
  5. Good to see they've taken the fine for throwing shite at opposing players to heart, at least
  6. Just backup in case of injury I guess, much like Kelly. Bit of a shame for anyone hoping one or both might play and get off to a flyer, but he obviously considers them a step below the regulars, and he's all about sticking with players who know each other. Got a horrible feeling they'll get chucked on in the last ten minutes against Hungary out of desperation if we're losing
  7. I wish I knew more about Balkan politics, but I've chosen to be lazy and just assume the Serbs are the bad guys here. Which sides have Celtgers adopted?
  8. I saw this a minute before the goal was scored on my stream, so I assumed it was Serbia who must have taken the lead Edit: I got Mitrovic on the sweep and he's been worth his weight in dugshite so far.
  9. Aye, it's a good game. Both treating it as a must-win. No idea who's winning it.
  10. BFTD


    It's a fooking disgrace. They'd never allow a man to do commentary on the tampon knitting kitchen gymnastics.
  11. Getting all your posts out before the banhammer strikes again?
  12. Aye, bringing up your earworm is a bit uncalled for.
  13. Aramintah is an appropriate name for someone who won't vote because politicians keep saying things and not doing them, considering there's only been one party in government for her entire adult life. Can't help thinking they're all going to vote REFUK at the last minute.
  14. I'd have thought there will be punishments for Croatia and/or Albania, but I can't see UEFA taking ultimatums from the Serbs very well. Edit: it's always meaningless anyway. Serbia beeling because they got a token £12K fine - grow up.
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