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  1. That was my first thought as well but nae Aldi there. Hayat wouldn't rent the space to them. Plus, anybody pulls oot a camera in them areas then Mr Kerrs usually there in a jiffy selling a story.
  2. Who did Si play fir at youth level? I used to ding about with his brothers (or step brothers) and can't remember him being anywhere other than Arbroath. I've berated the boy for years - to his face to, may I add - I'm of the opinion he's one of the guys in life that falls ourmt windows and goes upwards but fair play to him thus season, he's resembled somewhat of a footballer. Brilliant guy though. Apart from the whole supporting Dundee but going to United games wearing their tops - then signing for them. *Spit*.
  3. Lovely, innit? Wasn't so nice inside the shop if the son was working and it was a particularly humid day though.
  4. Aye my mate took his young lass down to Anfield start of the season and was something like £110 for a top for her.
  5. I love tea. I've strayed away from loose but I keep meaning to nipvin town to see if the - brilliant, may I add - Braithwaites is still on the go. Iced tea is lovely too. I'm a wimp with coffee nowadays, it just causes mayhem in the stomach region. Do enjoy the Jessie Lattes though. Starbucks is the dugs but last time I was in I was near £6 for it.
  6. Sixty eight great british pounds. Dearie me. Games gone.
  7. He'd do very well to remember half the boys he's standing screaming at have spent the last three months defending their homeland and not sat at home eating fish suppers.
  8. I'm not sure why but i can imagine Steven Presley giving out Darren Jackson guarantees.
  9. Not to mention when he gave the 'Darren Jackson guarantee Dunfee United will not be relegated' interview when he was assistant there. Dundee United were relegated, guarantee void.
  10. I used to be that guy in the pub that ordered online when the bar was heaving and laughing at the the poor sods at the bar. I get on good with the folk that work there and laughed when questioned why I do such a heinous crime and let on I just enjoy flirting with *(insert one of two waitresses names here)*. The manager called me a fud and made sure he or one of the male bar staff would deliver my pots from there on out. I won the battle, the manager won the war.
  11. I've responded to youtmr hundreds of posts about three times. Each time to try and guide you away from the well trodden path of attention seeking rocket and provided some empathy with your plight and encouraged you to do good with your posts. It's entirely up to yourself which path you choose, it's only an anonymous football forum after all. I just see no benefit in waking up every day and thinking "teeheehee let's try and annoy everyone online again." It's been done to death and I say, you are capable of more.
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