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  1. Taking a break for a while. Enjoy the rest of the season guys. Johnny.
  2. Boy looks like he is pushing out a shite.
  3. I know right. Has anyone been able to get student discount being a student with the OU?
  4. £850 for me and the 2 boys next season. Get fucked.
  5. A spoonful of vinegar does the same. It was a game changer when I discovered this. I found out today that Justin Bieber lives next door to Judge Judy.
  6. Barabbas is full of shite. I'm sure he's pumping Pontius Pilate. If he dinghied me then why am I completely fine today?
  7. Come again? It's a new financial year, and I've been doing my Accounts. f**k getting hammered with tax again. There's a picture of me going around showing how cross I was.
  8. Streaky bacon is excellent with pancakes and maple syrup.
  9. Sorry for the late update! Dundee only 4 points off St Mirren with a game in hand. 6th to 9th all very tight.
  10. Although the bairns focus has wandered away from becoming a Chef, there's still a talent in there. The brief was a celebration cake that could be associated with another country.
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