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  1. Will never be a fan of Real Madrid, but delighted that Spain is finally taking action against the Racist scum that infests that country. No one deserves to put up with that vile shite. Forza Vini.
  2. I get that Joe, my MiL was one of the nicest people you could ever know. She had a horrible life because of her scummy family, because she passed on her kindness to her daughter, I am somehow still alive. Believe me, I know.
  3. I am full on anti fascist & pro immigrant. This Country has always been a mongrel nation. Without Windrush & the Indian influx, this backward little counntry would have been culturally & culinary poorer. f**k the tories & their racist shite but also f**k lazy scum who game the system & drain our hard earned cash because they are lazy scum.
  4. Given that bowlers have half a chance for once, this is a magnificent tournament. The Aussies really could send out Travis Head & David Warner for 4 overs each & send us through.
  5. We seem to be good at Cricket, which is nice.
  6. Thankfully we bat deep but NRR is a worry.
  7. We seem to be decent at this, Richie is on one, fuking jinx again
  8. Should still have enough to see it through though, over to our Antipodean cousins to go easy for the shit & giggles. Scotland vs the USA in the Super Eights will be fun.
  9. We are looking good here, im a fucking jinx
  10. I know I fucked it with that, they really piss me off though & it is to the detriment of the genuine issues that people face when there is a need for assistance. They are full on compo face & aggressive every time, going in mob handed to get phree munny by being utter scum.
  11. Aside from that unfathomable moment, he was an incredible centre half who was probably ahead of his time given the requirements of the role nowadays. Hope the big guy recovers soon.
  12. I am a Labour Party activist you utter mugwump.
  13. As much as I despise them, this isn't on the Tories. Entitled arseholes who live on benefits because "Mental Health" are the problem here, thir little ones are trained to get get ADHD and Autism from birth bcos phree munny! I married into scum like that & they freely swop tips to move to areas where the GPs will sign off anything to get some, very well paid peace.
  14. Crapmondous, missed it.
  15. Get a gerbil, they are brilliant wee bassas.
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