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  1. I've always assumed those flags with the writing on them you see at England games were owned by total no righters, but it's nice to have things confirmed.
  2. Missing a penalty is probably more impressive than a goal from the halfway line.
  3. Goals from the halfway line aren't that impressive. Any professional footballer should be able to score into what's almost certainly an empty net.
  4. I'm going to be embarrassingly short on detail here but there was a period in the 90s when international hockey teams gave their numbers out purely by position. In terms of the whole team. Meaning a goalie would wear #1 but then the next goalie on the list...
  5. Not to worry, we have a man on the inside. @Ad Lib fix this
  6. And the first reply is from Dan Wootton. From bad to worse.
  7. Has he forgotten which of his seats he was referencing?
  8. How to vote: Photo ID you'll need - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) The photo on your ID must look like you. You can still use your ID even if it has expired.
  9. What absolute BANTER LEGEND is blasting the tunes? Is it jmothecat?
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