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  1. Impressed that your only upvotes for this were quite literally from three of them. Perhaps if these tragic losers didn't feel the need to keep creating new accounts to be edgelords on the Politics sub of a fitba forum, everyone wouldn't feel the need to ridicule them.
  2. Ironic, as your average Rangers fan is about as far from the "Master Race" as it's possible to be.
  3. I genuinely don't know whether to laugh at Spurs, Liverpool or Richarlison
  4. I'm guessing by the chat here that the game has been utter gubbins
  5. It's also such a stupid hill to die on. All DRoss and SlumlordSarwar had to do were reiterate the dishonesty over the SNP's membership figures and state outright what their own party's was. The only assumption I can make here are that their numbers are so pathetic, admitting to them would be awful PR. It's entirely feasible the the Tories are not even in four figure territory.
  6. Just the red. Hardly been out this year. Just as well as I was shit in the second climb and genuinely wanted to sack it during the final 10 miles of headwind/fucking awful road surfaces combo. Hopefully fitter for Caledonia in a fortnight
  7. You had to edit that shite? It feels pretty reasonable considering we survived it, in no small part due to fan involvement, and a much bigger club didn't, and died.
  8. Anyone on the Kinross Sportive today? Fucking hell it was cold. Pretty decent route with only a 10 mile section of mental, raging drivers to deal with. Also kudos to the organisers for god-tier level trolling by sticking a food stop rammed with cream/fudge donuts and macaroni pies at the bottom of the climb up over Dunning Common. The descent was baltic and the last 10 miles into a headwind were monumentally shite. Cracking event though and will probably do it again next year.
  9. Nevis was my first munro, by the tourist path. Because i was new to it all, I thought it was amazing. I've since been back twice, once adding it to the Aonach and CMD and then up by Coire Giubhsachan. The latter both get onto CMD via it's east ridge which is absolutely superb. Anyways, on holiday now and on the countdown to Skye for 3 nights camping, then a week in Dornie. Anxiously watching the forecast
  10. If we somehow f**k this by firstly failing to beat Cove, and then lose to a QP side who have just shat it against Morton, and ultimately fail to get promoted from the weakest Championship in years, we'd be as well replacing the club crest with a broken bottle.
  11. Falkirk fan being salty as f**k despite a superior side completely rinsing them, as surely everyone would have expected anyway.
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