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  1. I think you're fairly spot on there. Mine are a mix of index trackers and higher risk tech / north US funds. You really can't go too far wrong with them, as long as you're investing regularly. I don't agree entirely on life strategy funds, but that's because I have the LS 80% equity in Vanguard, while there's been dips in the last 2 years it's well up since I've been investing. With the way tax in Scotland is going, paying particular attention to the amount and where you invest your pension in could be particularly beneficial long term.
  2. Ach I voted without reading the poll, a revolutionary war against the establishment I'd be there with bells on. Other than that, nah. Although if it was more or less just like Kelly's heroes then yeah I'm probably back in.
  3. Everyone with an S&P 500 fund investment. Same actually applies to anyone heavily weighted in North America / US tech firms.
  4. Surprised at the lack of match thread for this guaranteed thriller of a cup tie. Hopefully the Jags can continue our play-off retribution against relegation zoned Livi this time. With a break this weekend and hopefully no injuries I'd quite fancy us, so we'll probably lose.
  5. The other thing, although I've no idea if the curtains matched the drapes then or now.
  6. Don't really understand this suggestion of untrained / semi-trained boots on the ground approach being mentioned. Get a bunch of weans to pilot cheap drones with bombs, far better off that way.
  7. Also met Connery, in a bar after a round of golf in Spain, had a double take and then thought to myself if I didn't say it then I'd always regret it for the rest of my life and said "I take it that's shaken, not shtirred" he's slowly turned around with a half smile and said "f**k offfff" Mates brother pumped Gail Porter (apparently) pre-bald as well. One of my mates winched Michelle McManus on a night out and we never let him forget it.
  8. KLM actually cancelled our flight to Berlin, but this was on the 14th and we'd have missed the opener and we'd since booked other flights, so worked out rather well. Then EasyJet changed our flight times to something ridiculous on the 13th meaning we'd have missed our connecting flight to Munich. Keep an eye on your flights basically, as EasyJet didn't even tell us they changed.
  9. Congrats, missus had a boy in March last year, been pee'd on so many times man, just catches you out and boom pished on, some range on it. Didn't really happen so much with our wee girl.
  10. The second pic just looks like a bunch of frozen boaby's man.
  11. Read this as something you did while you were a professor and I can't stop laughing at the thought of it.
  12. In an update to creepy things that happen on baby monitor, the missus advised me that the monitor moved and moved back again. I didn't witness this and she was very tired and tripping balls. Though she did not appreciate me sharing my vivid dream / nightmare of a few nights previous, in fact this is recurring. I've always had pretty wild dreams, but in this dream I see a creepy old hand (like a witches hand maybe) appear slowly towards the monitor and the monitor goes dark, then the child is gone. It's remarkably vivid, the thing that amazes me usually is the fine details that appear in the dream, it's exactly the way things should look.
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