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  1. Totally agree. I find myself regularly watching the Bundesliga highlights show with envy. On the whole, nice modern stadiums (obviously due to the investment for the 06 World Cup), excellent fan culture and fan ownership, being able to enjoy a beer and some good food in the stands and while it may be lower quality than the EPL, it is exciting.
  2. Disappointed Cantwell is out as he has really started to step up recently. Not sure if it was the tackle in the St Johnstone game that caused it or maybe a hamstring issue as he did appear to have an ice pack on it, but a few weeks doesn’t sound promising.
  3. We’ve got a good recent record against sides from Portugal to be fair, having beaten Porto and Braga a few times, and the year we had Benfica in our group we drew with them twice. I just think they are currently a level above us so not holding much hope.
  4. Back to Portugal again. Not un-winnable but most likely this’ll be where the journey ends.
  5. A list of our potential opponents in the last 16 draw this morning. A few tasty ties in there!
  6. While he was a step up from Barkas and Bain, I feel Hart’s ability has dropped off massively since he arrived at Celtic. It’s similar to McGregor with us. His decline from the season we won the league til he hung up his gloves was staggering. A shadow of the player he once was and he was making a lot of mistakes. Hart falls into that category too, IMO. He started off well at Celtic, but now he is so far below the level that you need and the decision to go with him as your number 1 this season was a huge gamble.
  7. If we put the whataboutery aside, I think my original point stands. The fact that every team other than Celtic will be disappointed at his decision to retire says quite a lot about his current ability.
  8. Aside from what RandomGuy mentions, I can think off the top of my head about 4 goals we’ve scored into Hart where he was either wholly or partly to blame for conceding. That’s quite a high portion of the goals conceded against us. I was delighted that Celtic went with him as their number 1 this season. His inability to effectively pass out from the back has hindered Celtic massively at times, perfectly illustrated against Kilmarnock at the weekend.
  9. It’s bad news for 11 Premiership clubs as Joe Hart announces he will be retiring at the end of the season
  10. I think what @willywastecoat forgets to mention, or deliberately overlooks, is that Celtic found themselves in the exact same scenario the season prior (2 home games v top 6 sides pre-split). It has always been this way, really, due to the way they schedule derby games with it alternating each year. And as you allude to, last season's top 6 means nothing this season if there are other teams now performing better than them that we will need to face away from home post-split.
  11. Tough match, this. Hearts have been powering along nicely for a while now. And while we have as well, I still don't think there's been that many good performances since the turn of the year, maybe with the exception of Hibs away and County at home. This has a classic 'Tale of Two Strikers' vibe to it, with ours wasteful and inconsistent, and Hearts' clinical and confident. So aye, I think it'll be a very tight match.
  12. Well it’s generally impossible to convey sarcasm via written text, which is why I included my opening sentence in the hope that it was
  13. Unless this is all tongue-in-cheek, deliberately offensive humour (which may be doubtful as you’ve said you are serious), then I feel that your somewhat valid points just lose their value because you’re trying too hard to shame and insult people. You don’t know what people have or haven’t done, for one. And to suggest someone shouldn’t voice an opinion of their displeasure regarding VAR unless they have taken some kind of action you’ve dictated just seems rather obnoxious.
  14. Summarised perfectly. I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that could answer yes to any of these questions.
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