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  1. Well yeah, normally I would but to be fair I don't feel much jeopardy heading into this fixture now that the league has been settled. A win and good performance would be nice, but I'd rather just get it out the way without any injury issues ahead of the final. So if we get beat, we get beat but it won't irk me too much if we do. Ideally we can use it to get some minutes into Sima in the hope he can start next week.
  2. Sima and Jack(!) back in contention to play "some minutes" tomorrow with a question mark over Balogun and Barisic has been added to those unavailable. Hopefully we will get to see more of Fraser as I felt he was promising when he came on against Dundee on Tuesday. King and Davies at the back again which gives me the fear if this is the partnership that'll start in the final next weekend.
  3. Superstition got the better of me so I stopped saying 'Get them pumped, Rangers' prior to every meeting after we were, in fact, the ones that kept getting pumped. However, it seems to have made no difference whatsoever so to hell with superstition. Get them pumped, Rangers.
  4. I would imagine this would lead to people accusing referees of bias if they are selective of what can be reviewed. There might be an instance where the ref is absolutely convinced of his decision and chooses not to review it, but a replay from a different angle shows there is doubt. Fans of the aggrieved team will be all over the ref for choosing not to review it.
  5. I’m not sure it is that big of an issue attracting players here. Players go where the money is and particularly in Celtic’s case there is a clear pathway for players to develop and move on to something bigger and better. If they come in and offer a player x amount more than they are currently on then not many will really care about the standard of football in Scotland. I’d imagine it’ll only become an issue attracting a player here if there is a comparable or similar offer on the table from a side playing in a better league. Making their mark in Europe will be subjective to different people, but they have the budget and stature to do better than they have in recent years, IMO.
  6. Well, of all the potential replies I could’ve anticipated receiving to my post, this certainly wasn’t one of them. So well done, I suppose
  7. Why would you crop out part of my last post where I essentially agreed with you by saying it was a fair opinion to hold and evident as to how this season panned out? You literally changed the whole context of my post by leaving out the first part to suit your “Rangers fans don’t accept reality” agenda.
  8. I think that is pretty fair and evident in the way things panned out. Long term, unless something changes, we aren't going to be able to keep up with Celtic due to the resources they have available to them that we don't. We really need to be much better with our recruitment over the next 2/3 windows and aim to emulate their player trading model. Even then, they will still hold the advantage. However, I think given that we were in a fairly tight title race until last weekend shows we can absolutely challenge if we can improve our head to head record against them.
  9. This seems rather contradictory. You are saying the fans are hampering the club from delivering what they want, but immediately before that you've said what the fans want cannot be delivered anyway. So, which is it?
  10. Hold on... do teams actually play a Premier League anthem at their stadiums tinpot.
  11. I'm not sure this is fully comparable because, as you mention, a speed camera will identify whether someone is speeding or not. There are only 2 possible outcomes determined objectively. With VAR, any outcome of a review will, more often than not, be subjective and open to interpretation. A VAR review always boils down to a referees opinion on an incident (unless it's a factual check for offside).
  12. Technology is only useful if it improves what came before it. I think it has failed in that regard.
  13. You cannot remove the human element though as Football’s laws are overwhelmingly subjective. That’s why those that think “the technology is fine” are never going to understand that it is never going to achieve what it sets out to.
  14. Why would you feel compelled to make this type of thing up? Or at least exaggerate it to the extreme. Everyone can read the thread. Pretty much every Hibs fan here that commented has condemned the appointment or raised concerns. The only folk that so far appear to be giving any benefit of the doubt to McKay have not been Hibs fans.
  15. An abject first half display where we looked rather clueless yet again, followed by an excellent second half where we actually played some decent football. A rather excellent finish for Dundee’s second goal it has to be said, and that’s a couple of times I’ve been quite impressed with McCracken bar a couple of loose bits of distribution. Thought Fraser looked quite positive when he came on, putting in 2 or 3 inviting balls into the box so maybe a natural replacement for Borna and backup to Ridvan going into next season. Cantwell stepped up second half after nothing really worked in the first and flukey goal aside, had a few moments of real quality. Dessers continues to frustrate by being allergic to hitting the ball first time, and when he does it’s from miles out.
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