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  1. Tatties. Everything else is a pale shadow of them. Sweet Potato should be in the Hague.
  2. Could this general election see the rise of the 'silent' SNP vote? Scottish Labour's message is thoroughly underwhelming.
  3. In fairness you have to remember Arbroath sabotaged Dunc's tenure by only lying down to ICT's rivals. No-one should be expected to overcome that sort of situation.
  4. Fair point lads. Hadn't thought of ot in such a practical way. Could make an argument for bringing in a traffic cone to do a similar job though.
  5. I see where you are coming from but what is the point in bringing in Kelly to a provisional squad?
  6. I'm going to be honest and admit I can't remember how you did it! The only problem was when you unpaused it, it didnt necessarily go to the next page. So if you paused it on 1/6 then unpaused it, the next page could have been any of the other pages. ETA Having googled it I'm not seeing any mention of it. Either I dreamt it or I was on shrooms at the time. I'm 99% certain it was a thing though.
  7. ^ ^ Never worked out how to 'pause' the page on Ceefax.
  8. What is the fucking point in putting Kelly in the provisional squad?
  9. Is it not supposed to be a rooster? An early morning wake up call?
  10. Random question but do Utd still do adult fitness groups and, if so, can anyone who taken part say what they were like?
  11. I like McCowan but is he not more of an attacking midfielder? That part of the squad is exceptionally difficult to dislodge any of the current crop.
  12. Indeed. His 'heatmap' was largely confined to the centre circle.
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