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  1. I am not arguing with that. My point is that looking back at the incident a number of times whatever decision Donaldson made he was going to cause the team a problem. The only thing he probably could have done was to pull out and let the lad through but that possibly leads to a goal. These decisions are made in a split second. That is why I think he is really unlucky.
  2. I am not really arguing against the decision but players do make split second decisions and like yesterday they sometimes don’t come off. Really not sure what he could have done yesterday that didn’t work against him/the team.
  3. I agree his foot is really high but I am not really sure (having watched it about 10 times) how else he clears the ball. The only way I think he get out without fouling the player is to let him have the ball. It wasn’t really there to head it unless he dived at it. In fact Henderson missed a header before which put Donaldson into an almost impossible position. By the letter of the law not he has to get a red but circumstances make him very unlucky.
  4. Nothing to do with loyalty to Donaldson. I personally think he is a bit unlucky. He has won the ball and certainly not intentionally tried to nail the guy.
  5. McIver played CH for a few games at Alloa last season
  6. Should never have got an extension though
  7. I am not sure Donaldson can do much. He has cleared the ball and the Kelty players momentum takes him into Donaldsons knee on his chest. Unlucky for me
  8. Not sure how Donaldson can get away from that.
  9. Standing in the right place away from the goal
  10. He had a great game I don’t dispute that. Even his manager admits he is a bombscare though
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