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  1. When you see the figures laid out like that it shows that even finishing 4th or 5th next season will make a massive difference to the budget for the following season
  2. Thank you to both sets of players for an enjoyable two games this week, much better than the tourist league down south. Seemed a pretty good atmosphere in Starks Park tonight. Penalties are a horrible way to lose but fine margins and all that. As much as I enjoy the games v Fife teams I hope in this case that Raith go up this season, St Johnstone are due a relegation and a different team in the Premiership will freshen that league up a bit.
  3. If that's yellow for Murray and Corr then Muirhead should have one for that dissent! Steven McLean having a shocker!
  4. In primary schools it will be a normal school day Monday to Thursday (9-3) with a 12.30 finish on a Friday. I get there's an argument of what do the kids really do on a Friday afternoon anyway and 2 hours isn't a great deal but 2 hours each weeks x however many weeks in the full term is still a lot. In defence of the council, they've at least been honest and haven't tried to dress it up as anything other than a way to save millions of pounds though there was a 'bending of the truth' in the information given out that 8 of the 32 Council areas already do this when it's actually 8 of the 32 have 12.30 finishes on a Friday but have longer days Monday to Thursday to compensate for the early Friday finish, Falkirk Council proposal is a straight cut to the school week. Was just interested to see what the teachers views are both professionally and from the point of being parents themselves.
  5. I'm aware there's a Falkirk based teacher posts on here but this question is obviously open to all to contribute but what are the teachers views on Falkirk Council's proposal to cut the time spent in school? I was at a meeting at my son's primary school yesterday about it led by the Headteacher. When asked for her own views she wouldn't commit for obvious reasons but there was a tone suggesting teachers are very much against it but just can't say so.
  6. There's nothing magic about that pitch but then when you consider the shite that's been playing on it most weeks...
  7. Not wanting to put a dampener on the Tait story as I genuinely can't see where he'll fit in there but with Montgomery being sacked, is there any chance he wouldn't be let go until a new manager decides whether or not to keep him?
  8. Nor the monotony of you criticising and red dotting the same posters views. Would be easier for you to stick them on ignore instead of behaving like the petulant arse you are
  9. We were watching our son playing football in Lenzie against a team from Lenzie a few Saturdays ago. There was an older female stood near us shouting encouragement to the players in the opposition including shouts of "keep working hard Lenzie" when my son's team were 5 and 6-0 up. My other half asked me "is there a player called Lenzie playing for Lenzie".
  10. Finished watching Baby Reindeer tonight. Would agree with others that it's a tough watch and I'm not sure how I feel about both. Ultimately she's the one with two similar criminal convictions, a real one for the watching. Anybody got recommendations for something else to watch now?
  11. You do know there's a well known supporter with his own business based in Sheffield who attends every game and sponsored Falkirk TV
  12. Imagine the only thing somebody has to moan about being what is or is not said on the Falkirk Daft podcast which is made by two supporters in their own time for the benefit of us all with any financial profit going into the club
  13. Darren Dods and David McCracken weren't exactly known for their pace either but both done a job for us. I'm not saying we don't need another CB, we absolutely do, but I'd prefer somebody younger. It's not as if our CB's are inexperienced that they need an experienced head in alongside them. Still willing to trust John McGlynn's judgement
  14. As well he should because he isn't going to get a game for Hibs this season. With a bit of luck he could be persuaded to stay for next season. Hope they're all having a great time, they deserve it after the season they've just given us
  15. Just the 13 Saturdays buddy. When do the fixtures get released?
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