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  1. I'm sure McGlynn said after the Stirling game that Miller's goal had been practised in training so it wouldn't surprise if yesterday's goal was as well.
  2. Wow! Seven changes from Tuesday including both fullbacks. Morrison clearly the key player injured and Hendo and Nesbitt on the bench. Would take a draw right now
  3. Absolutely nothing wrong with these posts yet @Rennieball still hitting the red dots as per every single post made by @Bigbrbairn
  4. I thought at the time it was something the Montrose defender couldn't do anything about but what a finish it was!! Agree re the penalty shout, few folk near me in the KM stand thought the same at the time Chris Boyle was his name, I'm sure Charleston was the other assistant that day as well with it being the last game at Brockville.
  5. I agree. I sometimes think our fans can be too harsh on both our keepers. Yes they've made mistakes that have cost us goals but show me a professional keeper who doesn't make mistakes
  6. Miller took a fair bit of punishment on Saturday as well, also wouldn't be shocked to see Ethan Ross start in his place on Tuesday
  7. I agree with this but there's not much between Hogarth and Long for me. I'd also like to see us sign a 'proper' right back. I know we've signed the lad from Cumbernauld Colts and Finn Yeats has been brilliant there this season, I just wonder if the jump a division might be too much for them. Both our fullbacks seem to get targeted by high diagonals from the opposition, they obviously think that's the way to get through us
  8. If he's not in line then he can't give it. Have to say that I didn't think he even looked fit in the warm up!
  9. Is the scaffolding ours or does it belong to the broadcast company? I get what you're saying about using it but the guys are volunteers and it's pretty exposed to the elements over that side
  10. Difficult to tell because he has the ball when he comes into shot and the camera isn't in line. I think there's a chance he might have been on, that step up that Lang does is distracting for an assistant if there's an attacker going the other way. Also, even if it was a goal kick instead of a corner before the second goal, how do we let somebody get a free header inside the box?
  11. Acht fair play to him for uploading that. Obviously Falkirk fans aren't his target audience but to still upload that after their last two results takes some balls
  12. No, they really don't need to do anything. Or are you over here because your fellow QotS fans have told you to f*ck off?
  13. To all Accies fans, can I just say ssstwitter.com_1702807300770.mp4.5fcabe96b17d3ce434e63d49ce500092.mp4
  14. What an idiot. I suppose there's no way DU would have been celebrating if the gap had gone to 7 points?
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