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  1. Thought Thistle were very good tonight and unlucky - penalties are always a lottery. While not a game of free flowing football it was proper both teams going for it and wonderful viewing entertainment. Not a fan of pitch invasions and hope it doesn't come back and bite our arse in the final.
  2. Was the 80 dollar damage to the policeman's trousers due ti his shitting himself?
  3. Now -4 after 11 holes, 3 behind leader. Good start.
  4. Rovers knocking about very wel and making Partck chase the balll. Good game plan as Partick may well tire as their third game on a week
  5. Back to the play off are ICT fans confident? This to me has a bit of of a Raith scenario where Gary Fu**ing Locke loaned Louis Vaughan to Dumbarton where he proceeded to score goals that helped them to 3rd bottom and us to eventual relegation by losing to Brechin in rhe play offs. By then we had brought in John Hughes. ICT changed manager, let an experienced player move to Queen's Park who finished 3rd bottom, and now face an Angus team in the play offs.
  6. The difference in 'Crockers exuberance when rangers concede compared to them scoring is like night and day.
  7. Sky reportng Richard Parker has won West Mids for Labour. Wondered what happened to the tiger from Life of Pi.
  8. Bar Airdrie not wildly out with one game to go. Surprised myself!
  9. Ayr Utd 1 - 0 Dunfermline Dundee Utd 3 - 2 Patrick Thistle Inverness CT 0 - 1 Morton Queens Park 2 - 0 Airdrie Raith Rovers 7 - 0 Arbroath
  10. Bit of a Dunfermline feel about ICT just now? Replace one poor form manager with another and down via the play offs? If it is play offs think you'll be okay as not sure Hamilton are any great shakes, although Alloa seem to be on a bit of form.
  11. The 2014 independence vote and the years after strongly motivated the under 25s in a political and pro independence way. The last couple of years have set that back a fair bit and whoever comes in needs to work on this group again. On Forbes I think there is a general higher awareness of social issues such as anti LBGT and other anti discrimination amongst young people nowadays and Forbes beliefs will not appeal to them.
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