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  1. About 25 million people in the uk voted Labour or Tory at the last GE so that’s a sweeping statement
  2. Can still see Leverkusen getting one back here.
  3. This reminds me of the 22 World Cup final.
  4. I thought England were going to beat France for most of the game at World Cup 22 if I’m honest. Don’t think there’s much in it. Id fancy England against anyone else - do you think England have anything to fear from Spain after their performances against Scotland? The gulf between England and Scotland was fairly obvious from the Hampden friendly a while back and I’d fancy our chances if we were up against Spain again. Going into the tournament I’m fairly indifferent about England winning it, I might change my mind when they have shit fested their way to the knockout stages and have another very favourable draw.
  5. I wouldn’t have said absolutely meaningless - do you fancy anyone apart from France to beat England? Do you fancy France to beat England?
  6. Yeah I get that but apart from France I don’t fancy any team to beat England. Scotland are at 100/1 which I don’t think is right due to the qualifying campaign we had. Think 50/1 would be fair on par with turkey and slightly behind Denmark .
  7. England are 3/1 to win Euros and France 7/2 on William Hill. I don’t think there’s much between England and France but England are far better than Spain,Germany and Portugal imo. There’s a good chance they’ll win the tournament and I am ok with it now.
  8. I don’t think either the Arsenal 2002 team or the current Man City team would get pumped ragged off anyone tbf. Arsenal early 00’s, Chelsea mid to late 00’s and Man Utd in 2008 are the best sides the league has seen outwith the current city set up.
  9. I don’t think this would be the case at all. They are a superb team despite being cheating c***s. Barcelona 2011 are the best team of all time though.
  10. I have cracked ribs from all the laughter from this
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