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  1. I'll believe it when I see it. The company that owns it will just go into administration and be wound up leaving the owners to wash their hands of it. If individuals are held to account, they'll do nothing and any action that is then taken against them will be trivial compared to having to rebuild the pub.
  2. I assume this means he'll be ok and not short of any money?
  3. There’s two occasions in the Winchburgh CO-OP from about 30 years ago that I won’t forget. In the first one, teenagers in front of me empty the loose change from their pockets onto the counter and say to the lady “what can we get for that?”. She counts the change and says “4 cans of Tennents or 6 cans of that cheap stuff”. “We’ll have the 6 cans” they reply. Class customer service I thought. In the second, an older guy who has his sippers on, is buying some crisps and sweets that come to a couple of pounds. He’s about to pay but then goes, “sorry, I forgot, can I have 2 bottles of Stewarts Cream of the Barley”. I always thought it was strange to forget the thing you actually came out for.
  4. I just love the look on the detective's face when he tells her he had two fireplaces
  5. This must be my 4th time watching it.
  6. And here was me thinking Hyacinth Bucket was fiction.
  7. Every time I now use the self service checkout in ASDA and I add my own bag, the checkout refuses to work until someone has checked my bag as, according to the checkout, the bag is too heavy. This seems to tie in with ASDA putting barriers and in/out gates up in the stores. Looks like they are treating everyone as thieves until proven otherwise.
  8. I've lost count of the number of times over the last year or so that there has been some form of road works on or near the bridge, and the outside lane has been closed off by way of the red X in the overhead gantry, but people (mainly Audi/BMWs, but that's for the C***s on the road thread) have just ignored them and the associated speed reductions and stayed in the lane. So I just assumed that the ominous message was an attempt at some sort of driver education.
  9. From what I can see, in 2021-21 the Scottish Govt total expenditure was £97.5 billion, so £3.44 million is roughly 0.0035% of expenditure, if the whole £3.44 million was spent in that financial year. From the Monarchy thread it was established that at 0.01% of UK expenditure, the amount given to the Royal Family via the sovereign grant every year was a trivial amount. I’m interested about the point at which a trivial amount (0.01%) turns into a disgusting waste (0.0035%).
  10. I don't have the figures to hand, but obviously you do as you make comment on the disgusting waste. How much has been spent on having a second referendum since 2014?
  11. From the Openreach side of things try this link https://www.broadbandchecker.btwholesale.com/#/ADSL/AddressHome Put your postcode in, then select your address. Down the bottom of the page should be something like this To me the important bit is the highlighted bit, I think that shows if you have a working Openreach connection or not.
  12. This week of the year always cheers me up. For years I worked in a windowless building, and this week was the first time you would leave it at 5pm to go home, and there would still be some sunlight to see.
  13. It seems very weird that all 3 could fail within a few minutes of each other. They were bought at different times, from different shops, although they are all the same manufacturer. I'm not in the garage that often, so usage has been way less than normal use. I've not been in the garage today, so I'll check again tomorrow.
  14. A year and a half ago I replaced the 2 fluorescent strip lights in the garage with LED strip lights and added a 3rd one to give more light above my work bench. I was in the garage today and one of them started to flash, so I thought it must be on the way out. A few minutes later another one started to flash, then the 3rd one. I switched them off for a few seconds and that seemed to sort them, but after a few minutes they randomly started to flash again but were ok if switched off for a few seconds. It is quite windy today so I’m wondering if the power is fluctuating a bit, not enough for it cause problems, but enough for the LED lights to be affected and start to flash due to a drop in voltage. Anyone any thoughts on this? ETA: when I say flash, I meant flicker.
  15. It's like a sketch from Burnistoun.
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