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  1. Got boring as f**k with the incredibly tedious England debate. As there is some actual news about the Premier League, and as it's too soon to open next season's thread as we don't know who has won the playoffs yet, made sense to unlock it again.
  2. Obviously I've misremembered the fact. Would have been a surprise if Rangers had never done it, I suppose. I remember Dundee was the one people tended to forget, or Belgrade when you extended it to the whole continent.
  3. Used to be a decent quiz question to catch people out, down here at least, "which is the only British city to have had two European Cup Semi-Finalists?". London and Manchester have spoiled it in recent years, though.
  4. Premier League 2024/25 Thread for this pish...
  5. Congrats to Farcelona on their title triumph. Or Shanta Rovers, as there seem to be two different P&B Leagues
  6. First Disney series, I suppose.
  7. The first episodes both had their moments but were undermined by silly, childish endings. I get that it's always supposed to be aimed, at least in part, but a monster made of bogeys and a ship farting itself around the galaxy? FFS. And the less said about the singing, just two episodes after they had loads of singing in the Christmas installment, the better. The third episode was much more like it, though. It was tense pretty much from the off, and Ncuti and, in particular, Millie were excellent. Also good was Varada Sethu as Mundy Flynn, and I see they've pulled the Clara/Oswin trick of introducing a companion in advance as a different character, again. Be interesting to see how they reconcile that in the narrative later on. (Is there a link between the names "Mundy" and "Sunday"?)
  8. It's poor form of Man City and Arsenal to insist on conducting a title race during a period of national mourning.
  9. Watched Norwich's game against Birmingham and assumed they were rubbish because they were concentrating on the playoffs. Didn't realise that's just what they play like.
  10. Just had a quick look at the Bears' schedule and I'll be amazed if we don't win all seventeen.
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