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  1. 81, I have one bought but not going to make it over.
  2. Glad he announced today before the recording of Have I Got News tomorrow.
  3. Not Tories Beyond that I've no clue.
  4. Through my work I've come to realise that estrangement isn't unusual at all and a lot people have passing Comms with family.
  5. I think just about everyone in Scotland said as much when they heard!
  6. Yeah, sent text recently but didn't get reply. I'll be here when we decides I'm not the worst person in world. However long that takes.
  7. Rumour I heard is consortium locally will step in but Gardiner and Ferguson need bullet before willing.
  8. RH33


    I ended up with three extra tickets to pink. Someone I knew if looking, she was astonished that I only wanted ticket price, not even booking fee.
  9. RH33


    Yup, I had no idea she was coming to Scotland until well after tickets were released. Not someone I'd chose to see and certainly not someone I'm paying over odds for. I expected like £20 a tickets handling fee on viagogo type thing.
  10. RH33


    I was looking for Taylor Swift tickets, not by choice, youngest desperate to go and another was taking £150 per ticket booking and handling. I'd rather take chances with touts as that's just legalised extortion.
  11. RH33


    I went to buy tickets on viagogo and they wanted £117 in booking and handling fees per ticket. I've never used them before and obviously I've not continued but is that normal?
  12. Is this a fairly recent thing? I've been living in the central belt 20 years but only really seems be recent years this trashing city centre takes place. Scum.
  13. *She Give it to Arnold Clark. They enjoy selling duff cars.
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