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  1. I don't even think they've been particularly poor. We're just objectively the best team in the league by far.
  2. Montrose are not a bad team and are not afraid of mixing it up, but we're just better.
  3. We do not take the foot off the gas. Montrose gave us a tough game at home earlier in the season. We do not let up, we do not make wholesale changes. We go for the win.
  4. Imagine this team with a McGovern in the sticks. I know the relative standard is poor (being in the third tier and all) but this is quite possibly the most entertaining team I can remember. Up there with 02/03 McCall, 04/05 Hughes, 93/94 Jeffries in my opinion.
  5. I've always wondered if there maybe *should* be a system where you can. Like, I knew I wasn't going to make it today. Maybe a system where I could have let the club know and given my seat number and they could potentially have sold an extra ticket.
  6. Wife is at the game with the middle (I'm at home with the other two as no childcare available, boooo) and said it looked very much offside
  7. This has 1-0 Accies written all over it.
  8. A lot of folk forget that in that promotion season we signed Alan Kernaghan, went to a flat back five for a lot of games with any from Hughes, James, Sharp, Campbell and Kernaghan, and played utter drab hoofball. We won 18 games in the league before he signed and only 7 after that transfer window closed, with a lot of absolutely turgid draws. Lost the last three games of the season as well.
  9. I'm down nearly ten pounds since the start of the year, however tweaked my back a couple of days ago so I haven't been able to get to the gym or get out running for a while. Weigh-in tomorrow and I expect that the scale will either not have moved, or might go up slightly as I was at a wedding yesterday and indulged in a lot of food and non-alcoholic beer. But I know that's a temporary thing. Back on it when my back is better hopefully but might try to go out a wee walk tonight.
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