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  1. It's not over yet we have cove ,QOS,Montrose away. We dropped points at all these venues. Hamilton could be with 8 points then the 6 pointer with Hamilton puts them right back in it. Nah just kidding its over
  2. Would you vote Rennieball as fan of the season
  3. You need to act your age pal. This is a forum for all to have a chatter and banter without experiencing the hurt and trauma of a red dot
  4. All of the above. How fortunate we are that Hamilton have gifted us the title as opposed to us coasting to it
  5. You were only top as you had played more games. Stop trying to make it sound like you threw it away rather than we won it. Any team would struggle to match our consistency and regular blowing away of opposition. Even before that you were grinding out results apart from against QOS who seemed to struggle against you. Fairytale stuff huh 2nd best squad in division romps to title
  6. 21/4 for a win or 7/2 for a draw against Accies. Decent odds there and worth a punt. I've put a tenner on Alloa win
  7. Same referee we had against Kelty Hearts earlier in season at New Brockville. One of the worst displays I have ever seen and there has been plenty of competition. Worth a tenner on Montrose with an accumulator on number of Falkirk cards and free kicks against us
  8. Could be a decent crowd increased by Hamilton fans selling out away fans allocation
  9. Not necessarily remember we are bottle merchants apparently and the chase is on.
  10. It's over Linfield fans fb that he has signed a PCA
  11. I would imagine will coincide with them shipping less goals
  12. This game won't decide the title,titles aren't won in February, need to come out the traps quickly etc
  13. So we play Cove away in Q3 and Hamilton have them away in Q4 who lost to them away in Q2. QOS have worse home record than away and the Hamilton game we had a better result away than home. The next 5 games are no more important than the following 5. One game at a time and currently we are in a commanding position. We all know job isn't done
  14. It would be good to have title done by the Hamilton away game on 13th April and a lovely gesture for them to do a guard of honour for our team
  15. Give the North stand to Falkirk school kids and erect a workman's tent in the corner for their fans
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