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  1. Looking at the fixtures, I think we win it at Montrose on the 30th March
  2. I have a sneaking suspicion that Hamilton may struggle to ever get out of this league. No fans means no income…
  3. I think it’s playoff guaranteed. The teams 2nd-5th have to play each other so can’t all win.
  4. Very very happy. I would also like to quietly point to some posters who couldn’t wait to see the back of him last summer. when he plays well, he plays very well. And having a happy bunch of players - which we clearly have just now - makes everyone play well. Happy days. It’s taken a while, but feels like Ruggy could even shift his steeple to a slightly more priapic position now…
  5. They stood behind the goal at the north end of the ground, left as you look at the goal. But the stand was pretty full and certainly by the time I got there it was “sit anywhere” ETA - you miserable git
  6. I hope it’s not the Cove game - it’s the only home game I won’t be able to make this season! Although it annoyed me slightly not to get my usual seats (I know I know), it was really good to see the KM7 full for a Tuesday night game. Really wasn’t expecting that and maybe we’re starting to convert some of the big game hunters into regulars.
  7. Meant to say last night, some save from the Mo keeper from Miller towards the end.
  8. It’s a fair point and I hadn’t realised you had that size of squad. That’s mental anywhere other than the Premier.
  9. Miller looked out on his feet about half way through the second half, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Ross starts.
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