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  1. Raith for me. County have decent backing and likely go straight back up. More importantly don't really want to see Simon Murray banging goals in against us.
  2. I can't say for sure but I've been browsing the Falkirk thread and apparently your wrong
  3. ....... pitch invasions during the game still a thing then
  4. Forgot season tickets not valid for playoffs but, as you say, if stewards don't or can't intervene .......
  5. I'm guessing these "singing section" individuals have season tickets and therefore an allocated section or seats. Surely if the club know the section the flares are coming from, can everyone entering that section not be security searched. At the Hydro up to 14k people are security searched on entry so why not at Starks. I realise there's a cost but if it's an issue the club needs to address....
  6. Dearie me, sounds like you need shot of those responsible. Probably not that simple but hopefully one positive from today will be seeing the back of that fraud of a manager you've been lumbered with.
  7. I don't understand, how have things got so bad. I don't recall you recruiting expensive players and living beyond your means. Also surely last year's cup run netted a significant amount of cash ?
  8. I thought Ferguson brought in lots of defenders in in January ....... guess not
  9. Don't have strong views either way on Hamilton or Inverness but unfortunately your manager is an absolute c###.......
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