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  1. It’s a bit silly as well when Celtic already have a long established big connection with St Pauli. Anyway looks like a good old jolly, reminiscent of one of these “fact finding” missions MPs take to the Bahamas and such like. Would be some laugh to see if any invoices for “general services” etc. from certain establishments in the Reeperbahn were expensed back to the club.
  2. You say that, but we don’t win the league we’ve got the play offs, we don’t win the play offs, we’ve got most of our better players signed up for next season. You’ve got a rebuild on your hands regardless.
  3. I wonder if he was offered the £5K staying up bonus Kane snapped at? Either way I guess he didn’t fancy it/wasn’t worth the risk.
  4. Another former McPake player not keen on signing for you lot. Doesn’t say a lot for your manger.
  5. Ashcroft trying to hold out for more cash from you lot? Thought it was done deal?
  6. Seems a ridiculous figure for a Championship/League One level club.
  7. Worth noting we’ve not lost in the league by more than a single goal either.
  8. It wouldn’t put me off but the two changes (one at Haymarket, one being a walk through Glasgow) requires slightly more forward planning than just jumping on a train in Kirkcaldy that will take you directly to Arbroath, Dundee etc.
  9. Public transport can be a bit of a pain in the hoop as you generally have to walk through Glasgow City Centre to change trains to get down to Ayr.
  10. Yeah, the contact situation was apparently a mess but he beat (ironically) Falkirk to the league in 19/20 with what will have been a significantly smaller budget, then came 3rd in the Championship in the Covid season with what will have been one of the smaller full time budgets… it’s the season after that he made a horses arse of things. He’s undeniably got his faults, and I’d usually be the first to jump on them, but is he a better manager than McPake? For me, yes. Falkirk we’re a basket case when he took over, Peter Grant and Yogi aside you still had the bones of a decent side when you went down to League One, which is a league most full time teams should expect to skoosh anyway. Will he have Falkirk in the top half of the Championship next season? I wouldn’t bet against it.
  11. I know one or two who wouldn't agree with that… but you’re never going to get on with everybody in football.
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