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  1. Just watched that Imrie interview & I don't see anything in it at all.
  2. What? One player is to blame for 5 defeats in a row? Find that hard to believe. I'm genuinely confused. What did he do?
  3. Whatever gets youse through the night. Hope youse do your country cousins a favour later on.
  4. They hate the fact we don't hate them just about as much as they actually hate us. Tremendous stuff
  5. He should maybe get a job in social media at a football club...... You guys really don't like it up ye......
  6. Glad to see we ruined some Raith fans evening. Absolutely hating it that we managed to actually win a game. Even though we did them a favour they can't see through their bitterness. Sad, really.
  7. I'm trying to work out if I give even one f**k about Thistles disallowed goals. Mon The Pars ️
  8. I heard Ashcroft got an "incentive" to sign for Raith - both clubs had matched Dundees loan terms. Obviously Enigma will know better as he seems to spend more time worrying about us than anything else
  9. Enigma obviously believes Meggle is running around our training ground dishing out 2-footed tackles to anyone in the vicinity.
  10. "Rovers main focus up until this point had been trying to remain in the game, but with the bit now firmly between their teeth, Dunfermline, for the first time in the match, were on the back foot," Did you skip past this bit Hightower?!
  11. I've repeatedly said it ended up being a battering/skelping/doing/humping but up until the sending off it was a game we should have had tied up, which seems to have upset a few folk. I'll be on my way now lol
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