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  1. I pay the monthly subscription some months to watch games with my dad who can no longer attend games. It's good that at 86 year he can still see the games back and forth. No doubt it's a lifeline for all sorts of fans in different circumstances. That all said, I fully agree with your post it really does need improvement.
  2. Feedback what you want, frankly my dear I don't give a f**k. andrew@dafc.co.uk
  3. The one thing most Pars fans are agreeing upon is the need for improvement on the communication front. The club are taking steps to address the situation. So that's an obvious positive.
  4. Forward your suggestion to the SLO Drew Main. That is the kind of stuff they're looking for.
  5. Tbf the meetings have been happening for some time and they're now opening them up to prevent them going stale. Good to see feedback reaching this forum now too. Any effort to improve on communication has to be a good thing.
  6. I gave the meeting a miss, but thanks for the update
  7. Early July last year it was reported sales were at the 3000 mark. https://www.dunfermlinepress.com/news/23633025.dunfermline-season-ticket-sales-reach-3-000-mark/
  8. Chalmers is a good player, just needs the right team set up to flourish. I like the guy.
  9. Fan Zone details for Friday. https://dafc.co.uk/dunfermline-city-fan-zone-full-event-schedule/
  10. I'm hopeful that McPake and McKay will make some astute signings. They've certainly signed some below the required standard, but overall they've done well imo.
  11. Any Pars supporters surprised at our seemingly nonchalant approach to signing new players shouldn't be given this kind of approach in previous seasons. Also I'm not expecting cash to be flung around, main reason being this seasons projected loss and David Cook saying they're reigning in the spend. I predict loan signings with maybe one or two signed additions, but, we'll see.
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