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  1. He’s actually not a bad lad Montgomery, I rented his house in High Green in Sheffield 20 years ago, Michael Tonge, Phil Jagielka and Gordon Smiths of Rangers laddie all stayed there before me and my 3 mates moved in. He used to give us 4 tickets for every home game at Bramall Lane and they were flying high in the Championship that year narrowly missing out on promotion. I reckon he will be another Hibs managerial casualty in the next 12 months though.
  2. Democratically elected terrorists through the ballot box unfortunately when they ousted the Fatah Party who were deemed to moderate. The Iranian Mullahs are sitting back just now lapping up the carnage they have created, they don’t give a f**k how many innocent Palestinians are going to get killed.
  3. Bolton were on the bones of there arses when Crawford was there.
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