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  1. My suspicion on this bit in bold is not that the bus/tram operator is screwing the customers, but probably the owners of Edinburgh Airport (where picking up my mum in the car costs ÂŁ5 !). I reckon if it was up to TFE it would all be part of a normal ticket* *I dont have any inside info, but based on the fact that they are a decent operator and dont screw us on anything else.
  2. Even with Rachel's lovely lipgloss, I can't bear any more of this pish analysis. Back to the whisky bottle it is
  3. It is a bit concerning that the Swiss have had a fair few saves out of Gunn and we haven't tested their goalie nearly enough.
  4. These commentators are useless. That flick on was so obviously offside and yet they are babbling on like it might be a goal.
  5. Tell me about 5 live sync? Red button thingy?
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