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  1. Flyers had the same coach for 20 odd years and have played more than a decade in a closed shop league with no relegation. FFP probably just had 3 stock report types they recycled.
  2. I swear we are *this* close to the age old "the board got them to blow it deliberately because we can't afford to go up"...
  3. So, to clear we've escalated from: signed a right back>Millen had massive falling out with Murray> half the squad "found out" that they aren't being kept on and morale is shot? Is that right?
  4. Ross Millen on the wing. I want you to go away, say that out loud and then come back to sanity.
  5. No, was Margie Robertson until she stepped down. Don't think there has been anyone since.
  6. 4-3-3 If your wide players are off form, try and build through the middle.
  7. 4-1-3-2 a total disaster tonight. If none of your wide players are in form, try and add a body or two in midfield and build a platform that way.
  8. Just an absolutely awful performance. Spent most of the 2nd half hoofing the ball, hoping for a break. Ay no point did we have any foothold in that game.
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