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  1. Your Fanbase account has to be linked to your season ticket. If it's not, I think you can phone the office and they'll fix that for you.
  2. I'm happy to be corrected, but I'm pretty sure that's only true of UEFA's "blocked hours" on a Saturday afternoon. For example, Raith TV streamed our most recent non-Saturday home league game (Partick Thistle, Friday 5th May 2023) on a pay-per-view basis. Maybe the agreement has changed since last season, but I don't think so. Anyway, if Morton aren't offering PPV tonight that's their right and fair enough. What I'm asking is: is there any way for somebody that can't make it to Greenock tonight to watch the game? Ideally making Morton money while doing so.
  3. Are Morton doing a PPV stream tonight? I can't see anything on their website about it. Presumably they'll have a stream for their subscribers, but the minimum subscription seems to be for half a season. The SPFL Matchcentre website doesn't show any future fixtures, so I assume it's defunct now. Anybody know any different? If none of the above are options, is there anywhere else to watch it?
  4. I have a spare adult ticket for the Rovers section for today and I'll give it for free to someone who can use it. PM me if you want it
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