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  1. Outstanding in the first half, composed and looked threating in attack. Can't believe the performance in the second half, just thankful we can take the 3 points and move on. Officials were utterly honking as well, numerous poor decisions throughout the game on both sides, finished with the laughable amount of added time at the end out of nowhere
  2. AJ releasing Falkingham when we got promoted from League 1 was absolutely criminal.
  3. If the Arbroath players could fight each other and get sent off in the first half this time that would be lovely.
  4. From the highlights, it's definitely a foul on Mehmet in the build up to the penalty, Oakley just jumps straight into him. Still looks like a very soft penalty decision on second viewing.
  5. Didn't think it was a penalty given how much the referee had generally been letting the play go during the game for both teams. Couldn't see if it was a foul on Mehmet just before but he has to punch that ball away for me, however a terrific save to redeem himself. A great defensive effort and a terrific header by MWH to go back across the goal.
  6. Got to be happy with 3 points there, not many chances in the game but held on for the last 15 minutes
  7. Not a lot of great football in that first half, a lot of physical battles which the ref has let go for the most part other than the bookings for both teams which were all pretty clear cut
  8. I think one of the priorities in the summer is finding a couple of battling midfielders who can step in for Hamilton/Otoo off the bench. I don't think the system McPake likes to play can afford to have a player like Chalmers or Allan in it at the championship level. On the summers point i don't think he works hard enough defensively and his creative output has been lacking in the 10 role. I'd much rather see Moffat who has the pace and energy along with the work rate
  9. So happy with that performance. An unexpected but vital 3 points, hopefully it kick starts a run for us to the end of the season.
  10. I genuinely can't recall scoring from an Edwards long throw, we've been doing it for ages least a couple years
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