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  1. 17 points clear. “That’s a fact” - Sir John Mcglynn.
  2. Wouldn’t call it “an absolute coup”. He’s played about 60 mins for us in total. And I must say I have been very very impressed by him. Especially in that 15 minute spell at Alloa. However, he’s had quite a few loans now and none have really worked out for him. He’s got a few months left of the season to impress and earn himself a deal with us, but he’ll need put in a right good few performances and chip in with some goals.
  3. Please do excuse me for most likely getting ahead of myself. But this is Morrisons 5th season with us. Just signed a new two year deal, so let’s say he’s with for that length of time. That’ll be 7 years he will have been with the club. If he can continue a similar goal scoring record in the championship does that mean he’s a Falkirk “legend”.
  4. I’ve always wondered is it a case of Raith chucking loads of money at it? Or do they just have a manager and a board that can identify some really good players for this level. The likes of Dylan Easton, Scott brown, Connolly were just really nifty signings. I doubt there was a long line of clubs that had bigger budgets than Raith rovers wanting to sign them. Vaughn came through their youth academy and the likes of Ashcroft, rudden, and turner have most like just seen that Raith is a good club to join at the moment. Will they really be offering these players shitloads more than Dunfermline or Patrick thistle? All being said I don’t doubt they have spent money this year but they are getting the fans through the gate to pay for all this. 3rd highest attendance in the championship I think.
  5. Add McKay and Oliver to that list. Bisland will also leave at the end of his loan.
  6. Very very narrow minded way of looking at it. Yes the full stand one does look better. However, the ultras do a fantastic job and these TIFOs do not come cheap. A full stand display costs significantly more than the section where the ultras sit. Moreover, would all of the fans in the KM7 stand have the appetite to take part in displays more frequently? Probably not. It’s great the ultras do tifo displays, no matter the size. “Full stand effort or nothing” is just ignorant to the time, cost, and effort associated with these displays.
  7. I actually don’t entirely disagree tbh. However, I wouldn’t replace him. I would 100% be giving him another contract and I would just also be looking to bring in another left back as competition. Mcann is a solid solid player. Nevertheless, he can get caught out in games and I really wasn’t that impressed with him against Hamilton back in December. I think that most people would agree that defensively he’s probably on the average side and it’s always been his attacking play that has received the most praise and deemed to be his biggest strength. However, when you look at his stats, he gets very minimal assists and goals.
  8. Heard there was genuine interest for him from other clubs.
  9. I’m really against playing a Nesbitt or an Oliver in a deeper number 8 role. We done it last season a few times and it’s really not that effective. Against teams who we are comfortably better than and will have lots of the ball Nesbitt or Oliver are fine in the number 8 role. However, against teams that will give us a bit of battle in the midfield it dosent work. Yeats is the best option if Hendo or Spencer is injured. Although I would really prefer if we signed someone as cover in there. As someone else said, McGinn is finished.
  10. Yeah especially when Mcglynn has repeatedly said “you don’t change your back 4 unless you have to”
  11. Seriously fucked it here Mcglynn. He’s a good manager but f**k me does he have some serious flaws.
  12. So would I. 3 goals from the bench this season. Certainly can’t say the same about Allan.
  13. Shanley cup tied for the bonnyrigg rose game as well. Would likely be Oliver or Allan that will start up front in that game then.
  14. I’d probably have to disagree with you quite a bit now. Again I am not suggesting any major surgery. But to suggest we should resign Bisland, Mackie, Oliver and long I just can’t agree with. One or two I can get behind. But all 4 (even if the loan signings were possible) is just mental and imo shows far too much complacency. 6-8 new signings isn’t major surgery it’s simply what needed to replace outgoings players. I think we signed 7 new players this summer. 8 if you include shanley and that’s allowed us to go from second to first in league 1. If we do have real aspirations of play offs. 2-3 new signings just isn’t going to cut it.
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