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  1. Possible indication that the away top might have purple in it as the training wear last year matched the away kit colour wise
  2. Well does he want to win the league or get relegated, no brainer
  3. Nobody truly knows what’s going on tbh. he was rumoured to have rejected thistles offer, way back in January. But that’s not to say there hasn’t been a second offer made or whatever. So he may still have an improved offer on the table from thistle. Nobody truly knows if he’s knocked it back or not, and presumably has other offers too and is considering all options. As I said yesterday - Hearts apparently have 4 PCA’s lined up but can’t announce until next week so that may explain the silence around his status. Thistle did say that we were still in talks at end of season and didn’t say he was leaving - so certainly a few weeks ago it was still up in the air. Whereas with other players (Sneddon) it was made clear that he was leaving at the end of his contract and the club gave him a send off - which presumably they would have also done for McMillan if they had been made aware he was definitely moving on. It does seem relatively abnormal for a player to not have either confirmed to be leaving but also not having popped up anywhere else yet. Just simply no word on him at all from anywhere. Again, the hearts stuff could explain it.
  4. On the whole you’re right but it’s most definitely time to move on from him. Looking forward to seeing what we cook up. The fact that most teams had worked out the Lawless/McMillan partnership and how to stop it, hindered us a lot last season. The season before - they went largely unnoticed because teams were too busy trying to stop tiffoney and/or fitzy on the other side and we switched it. would be funny if he re signs now after saying all this
  5. While McMillan had a few good games this season, he largely struggled to get fit after coming back from his injury. He was thrust into the team too early after I think Milne was injured and he had to play 75-80mins on his first game back. Beyond that his body language gave off a vibe of “chucked it” and largely could be seen whinging and complaining at team mates. He often gave McBeth a hard time when he first came into defence. Normally for stuff that was actually his fault. based on his form this season I am not sure we will miss him as much as we think. Also based off that form I am massively surprised he is linked with any premier team. His best game of the season for me was Raith away playoff semi. This might prove unpopular and on the whole he has been great for us but this season there were large parts of the season where simply he wasn’t up to it. Struggled to create any chemistry with anyone other than Lawless. Decided he wasn’t a fast runner any more and at times barely even put a foot in and allowed himself to be beaten time and time again on that right side.
  6. Nobody knows. Interestingly Hearts announced today that they had 4 pre contracts waiting to be announced but can’t be announced until after 14/06 so one of them could very well be McMilllan. long standing rumour was that he signed with one of Hearts/Dundee/Dundee U quite some time ago
  7. It’s the best like for like replacement you will find for McMillan probably.
  8. If we can get Byrne and/or Chalmers alongside the Turner/Muirhead signings we have made a real statement there and if you’re McMillan, unless maybe Raith or Livvy are in for you, he could fancy staying and having a right crack at this. But certainly the rumours of him being away up a league and PCA here and there can probably be put to bed. We had heard he rejected the clubs initial offer just before the playoffs but perhaps we are still in the process of tabling an offer. Fact he hasn’t yet signed anywhere shows maybe he is still giving everything a bit of consideration. in any case you would exact the club to have given him a deadline of when to decline/accept so we can go back into the market if needed.
  9. Got to wonder about McMillan now. The fact nobody has announced him shows that probably he hadn’t signed a PCA with anyone. Subsequently no further announcement about him signing anywhere and that’s the window been open a week now. in a climate where most clubs want to get the business end done pre-Euros in prep for pre-season, find it odd that his name has popped up hardly anywhere at all. Could be a good sign?
  10. Fair enough. Mistaken identity after you had said you were in Benidorm.
  11. The Tower Bar I think sometimes puts on a deal for away supporters buses if you get in touch , 10min walk along the road from stadium
  12. Actually gutted about the rail thing. Thought we would have taken a right good train load down on a summers afternoon for a cracking day out. there will be more thistle fans on the train than seats on the bus so it does cause some problems.
  13. When you look at the highlights of our games for last season, McInroy was far better when he played in the position Robinson eventually took. he ended up getting pegged back as a DM almost and eventually getting pushed out wide when Lawless got hurt. I thought he had a good game at Airdrie away playoff. I’d have him for sure in the squad. It depends if Alston signs or not. You would think the management team will have either moved him off the list now or made him an offer.
  14. I hope the sponsor paid more money for getting basically double the coverage on the shirt.
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