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  1. Gibraltar will be a case of us getting as many tickets as we want, there's a real lack of cheap flights for an in and out job and it's weeks before the Euros. I reckon both will go to 0 points but Gibrlatar is an absolute cert.
  2. A heads up for anyone getting cross-border trains to Germany regarding seat reservations.
  3. Bannigan pre-injury is so far ahead of Docherty he'd need to have spent the last few seasons actively scoring own goals against us in order to bring him down to a level where this is even a debate.
  4. Would quite like to watch a Championship game not involving us without a mention of Dingwall thanks very much.
  5. I'm not sure how anyone who seen both could have Docherty over 2013-early 2016 Premiership Bannigan never mind any of the other midfield options already mentioned.
  6. The exact same thing happened to me last summer in Germany @Billy Jean King and I couldn't figure it out but I got both trains on my booking just fine. Assumed it's an automated thing that happens if either train changes at all even if it's something that doesn't impact your part of the journey.
  7. It's not something he's done in a while but there's been a couple of windows where one of the two hasn't been available. He started both against Ukraine in the playoff, away to Austria, at home to Israel and 2 of the 3 games at the last Euros so it's clearly something that's in Clarke's thoughts when it comes to a certain type of big game.
  8. There's 4 groups in League C but only 2 in League D so originally the 4 teams that finished bottom of their groups in League C should have had play-offs with the 2 losers getting relegated and replaced by the 2 League D group winners. Due to Russia being in League B when the 22/23 draw was made but now being punted out they only needed 1 team to be relegated from League C to ensure both Leagues B and C had 16 teams so the 2 worst placed teams from League C Gibraltar and Lithuania are having a play-off with the winner staying up and the loser being relegated.
  9. They have up until 120 days before to announce but a lot of FAs ignore the rule. Croatia is anyone's guess, of their last 10 competitive games 2 have been Zagreb, 3 Osijek, 4 Split and 1 Rijeka. The stadium in Zagreb was damaged back in 2020 by an earthquake but their last competitive match was there so I'm not sure if that means they've sorted it out as the majority of their games were played in Zagreb before that. Portugal is about 90% going to be in Lisbon or Porto based on their recent competitive games but they do like to move the occasional game and played Spain in Braga.
  10. I suspect the new system will mean the favourite seat is gone anyway or at least will need to be set up again.
  11. SSC tweeted they are launching a new ticket system for 2024 which is why it's been down for a while. Launching it when the first thing on sale is the 5 match package seems ambitious for the SFA.
  12. £125 East/West and £150 North/South for the 2023 package which was 4 competitive games plus England so it's went up £25 and 2 of the 5 are friendlies.
  13. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/ticket-information-announced-for-scotland-men-s-2024-fixtures/?rid=13925 5 match package on sale for members Tuesday 27th February, single tickets 4th March then public sale from 7th March. £150 for West/East, £175 for North/South for the package.
  14. Saturday-Tuesday with easyjet was £120 this morning. Porto route was cheap too Friday-Monday but it's more of a risk as the flight home is early morning so if the game is Lisbon you're a bit snookered.
  15. Portugal booked, will worry about the other 2 nearer the time.
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