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  1. From what I've heard the mate would need the SSC member's login details (or a loan of his phone) to access the ticket. Better allow a further 20 minutes to queue at Hampden in future
  2. Yep, 50 quid charge if you don't bring your own bathtowel.
  3. Left Back taking to the crease for Labour here like 1981 Ashes vintage Ian Botham.
  4. I'm going to watch a repeat of Peak Practice in tribute.
  5. #Yeardle #701 https://histordle.com/yeardle/ Finally made it through the 100 streak barrier Had feared Chinese dynasty clues would appear today
  6. I'd hoped to see someone I knew on the title sequence before it ended as well
  7. That beast is to a pet dug, what a black panther is to a domestic cat.
  8. I thought Mo Johnston and Ally McCoist were a great partnership for Scotland, complemented each other very well. Must've only started about a dozen games together for various reasons unfortunately.
  9. Safety shot required! Wordle 976 6/6
  10. Remember buying a kitchen from MFI (RIP) in Auldhouse. The guy told me theirs was the only UK branch with a plain white delivery van, as people in Newton Mearns had complained about the usual vehicles either lowering the tone of the neighbourhood, or more likely, indicating that they hadn't been shopping at Magnet.
  11. I remember Frank McGarvey and Charlie Nicholas being a particularly lethal partnership at Celtic in the 80s. Checked the stats there, in 1982/83 McGarvey scored 26 and Nicholas 48. And Celtic only won the League Cup!
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